Are your tips to minimize data usage effective

If you don’t have net then you will lose contact with the whole world. In this fast paced world, net data usage has reached maximum heights for various needs. No one denies this fact. But in this bargain if you land up paying higher bills then you are ruining your hard earned money. This is why you need some checks on internet data usage. Here are few tips to limit data usage and save your pockets.

Track your data use:

The first , tips to save data usage is to track your data usage. The devices that run on iOS and android can track the apps for you that are responsible for more data usage. So all you need is to delete those apps that are not needed for you. Not only this, you can as well keep background data transfer in disable mode.

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Disable push notifications:

One of the biggest enemies of effective data usage is push notifications. Most of the time, data limit is consumed up by this notification. This holds true for people who use more apps, who are active in social network sites and also who use message services. Many of the apps though are of no use to you will consume most of the data as they push promotional content. Now-a-days many of the smart phones have the option of disabling push notifications.

Disable auto downloads:

Every one of us are using WhatsApp and are also highly active in creating groups and exchanging videos, music and also photos. But do you know all these activities will cost your data to receive or download any file? So it is always better to disable auto download for all. You can activate it when you have WiFi option and this can be made through automatic settings. Opting for this can easily save your data.

Data compression:

In case you have the habit of reading articles online then enable compression feature in your mobile browser. Google chrome offers a feature called as ‘Reduce data usage.’ Using this, you can set the size of the web pages. Even Opera provides data saving feature. Use all these to save your data.

Offline music:

Every one of us has the habit of killing time by watching movies and hearing music. These two activities are common while traveling. Instead of doing these two useful time-killing activities online you better do it offline. So download all the videos and music of your choice when you have WiFi and use them offline. This way you can enjoy more.

Follow these entire tips to save your data and also to save your money and the question of how to use less data will not arise again.

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