Are you on healthy winter diet plan

Food habits should change with the season then alone the body will be healthy and will also have the stamina to fight all the disorders that arise from climate. The food we take in winter seasons is more important to keep up health, as this season is more dangerous and can bring many kind of colds and flu due to cold climate conditions. Here are healthy foods for winter season.

Hot chocolate:

Hot chocolate is high in antioxidants and these antioxidants help the body in fighting the free radicals that release in the body due to toxins. It is also highly useful in maintaining proper immunity. This is the season where you need fit and healthy immune system or else body becomes vulnerable to external factors. Hot chocolate is also needed to keep the body away from the heart related problems. The coco present in it has flavonoids that help the body to resist cold naturally. So it will best food habit to add hot chocolate in food list as many times as possible.

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Oatmeal is a kind of unpolished cereal. So it has all the vital things for the body such as fiber and Beta glucan. Beta glucan is very potential starch. The best way to eat oatmeal during winters is to take it as breakfast. Add almonds and cashew nuts to it and eat one cup of it daily. By eating this way, you can effectively keep all the season related health problems.

Black gram soup:

Black gram is rich in iron, calcium, and fiber. So drinking soup made with black gram will give health to muscles. It helps in proper oxygen supply to them. Apart from this, it even gives stability to the immunity system. Prefer to take whole black gram, don’t use polished ones. The outer flakes that cover this gram are highly effective in fighting daily common ailments. They are fortified with flavonoids and antioxidants. So eat them wholly instead of polishing them.

Green chilies:

We all know that the body generally becomes sluggish and metabolism becomes weaker in winters when compared to other seasons. In order to bring the functions of the body and metabolism to normalcy eat more of green chilies. They have capsaicin in them that increases the rate of metabolism. One more advantage you get by eating green chilies is you can also lower bad cholesterol.

Pumpkin soup:

Pumpkin one of the healthy winter foods as it is rich in beat keratins and vitamin A. These are very useful in keeping the body temperature and also in fighting cancers as they obstruct cancer cell growth in the body. Pumpkin even has antioxidants and so you can fight common winter infections such as cold and cough easily. Either make curry or make soup with it and consume regularly.

Remember one more important eating tip for winter is: whatever you eat should be warm and never eat frozen and preserved foods.

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