Are you on first date….here are creative date ideas

First date is always an excitement and anxiety for all the humans on earth. There is nothing to feel shy about the situation. If you are about to go for your first date and don’t know what to do then here are your tips to make your first date a successful outing.

1) Meet him/her for dinner: This is one of the age old first date tips to make your landing safe. Take your beloved for dinner. Dinner will give you ample time to know about the one you are dating. You need not choose a costly hotel for dinner let it be some nice restaurant to hang out. But be sure you have enough money tucked in so that you don’t land in a embarrassing situation.

2) Take out to lunch:  Lunch is the best option as it lessens the pressure on both the parties who are on date as you are meeting in broad day light. Lunches are always a safe bet when compared to dinners. In case you think it is not going to work out you can as well skip out quoting lack of time as an excuse.

3) Ice cream or coffee: This is also similar to lunch philosophy. You have lesser time and so in case you feel the one on date is not your perfect choice then you can skip off at a go. Or if something is cooking up then you can stick.

4) Sporting event: Let some sports event be your first dating ground. Purchase tickets to basketball or baseball game and hangout there. Sounds romantic right? What a thrill it will be to meet your person in open ground with huge public round you. Having fun, talks, and watching the game.

5) Concert: In case both of you have alike tastes in theater and music, be it classical, rock or hip-hop, then concert is the best way to begin your date. You will have security of place and people and can also enjoy live music with your loved one. In case nothing is turning out well you can simply enjoy the music without much hassle.

6) Picnic: Picnic too can be great idea for first date. Have fun outdoors by taking lunch, so that you can spend quality time with each other. Know his/her food choices. This will give positive impression and nullify any odds if any. Picnic would just be causal, easy and nice way to go on first date without much tension.

7) The zoo: In case both of you like wildlife and nature then there is no other place other than a zoo to kick off your first date. Have fun by roaming about and talking on wildlife and nature apart from your personal talks.

8) The mall: Mall can also be one good public place to meet your person. You can know each other by moving around and having some fun.

Whatever the place it is the one core thing to keep in mind on your first date is to be active in mind and talks.

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