Are you man? Here are your perks

Not everyone born on earth have the advantage of being a man. The joy of being man cannot be written off that easily. Anything in this world can never give back the fun linked to being a man. Here let us see just a few benefits of being male.

  1. Being born as man is your first ticket not to worry on your clothing unless you are specifically concerned. Neither the world nor the next cares of what you are wearing and how many times you are repeating the same dress. Being man you are even saved from unwanted stuffing of clothes, mere a suitcase full of clothes can do your month vacation.
  2. Basically as a man you are more energetic and have more muscles so the need to depend on others for many physical things does not need to be your concern. You are absolutely good enough to do small things without depending much on others.
  3. No men will look at your chest unless it sports some odd.
  4. While giving an interview you can be yourself as you aren’t anticipated to bend frontward while conversing with the interviewer. Nor is your aptitude gauged by the size and shape of your back.
  5. Being man you have special privilege watching movies since nudity in cinemas is mostly linked with naked women. So being man you are actually being shown what you wish to see….!
  6. The color of your shirt is never a matter for anyone; you can as well wear the same white shirt for office meeting and a bachelor party. Being man you are given lenience on what you wear and dress like.
  7.  Sky is the limit for your fun be it boozing, tripping or dating, everything is mostly self dictated by you unlike your counterparts.
  8. You-being a man always fantasize having sex and by nature too you have more advantage in sex matters, thereby making you free enough to have more sex and more fun.
  9. Yellow, Red, Green and Blue are just the colors you should be able to know (white and black are just common). And in case if you’re additionally spotting a Fuchsia or Mauve it means you are for sure going to be laid.
  10.  You are not supposed to purchase any chocolates or gifts before paying a visit to your friend. Being man it is your right to eat as many chocolates as you wish, even the ones that you might have brought on your way.
  11. As a man you need not care much about your looks: the way you dress, the way you sport your hair or for that matter the way you walk, all you need to be is to be yourself.
  12.  You are more at an advantage to build thick bonds with your colleagues and friends as you have more partying and free time.
  13.  Unlike your counterparts you like being an object of desire and object of sex and take pride in it.

So isn’t it really fun being man and reaping these joys to the fullest.

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