Are you following these tips for good walking style

We all know walking is good for health. At the same time, we also have many doubts that tickle us such as are shoes compulsory, do we need a flat ground for walking, can we hear music while walking. These petty doubts can raise many doubts regarding the efficacy and also on how to walk. This is the reason we are here to explain you all the rules to follow while walking.

Can we jog in between walking?

Yes….you can definitely jog. But only after walking certain distance and after the body gets warmed up. Once you feel your body has warmed up you can jog or run slowly. The best way to jog is to walk for 15 minutes and run for 5 minutes. Walking soon after jogging will not tire the feet too much. But in case you take a rest in between and try to run then it will become difficult for the body to run.

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Do we need separate shoes for walking?

Well, this differs from place to place and person to person. But in general you don’t need any specific shoes for walking as you need for jogging. The running shoes should definitely have shock observant, but this is not mandate for walking shoes. Even few people may need specifically designed shoes in case they have any complications with knee and feet.

The only care you need to take while buying shoes for walking is they should neither be too loose nor too fit. Prefer perfect size. Never do the mistake of using flip-flops and open sandals for walking.

Can we hear music while walking?

Yes, you can without any doubt hear the music of your choice. But prefer hearing peppy songs as it lets you enjoy walking. Music always motivates and so you can walk more. The only precaution is being careful with your surroundings or else you may meet with accidents.

Do we need a companion while walking?

Not always. Actually it depends on personal choice. Generally having a companion will motivate you but at the same time this may as well be a hurdle as you land up talking more and this eventually leads to less distance and slow walks.

What to do if you had any surgeries on any part of the leg?

This is a very complicated issue and so one needs the advice of an expert. Seek the advice of the doctor before walking. Unless and until your doctor nods for walking don’t take the risk of walking. Even then prefer soft terrains to walk.

Is walking on road better or on grass:

Actually for anyone walking on soft grounds such as lawns and soft terrains is best. As the hard surface can easily send shocks to knees. This is true for aged persons. Prefer beach to walk if you have nearby.

Keep all these tips for morning walk in mind and carry on with walking. All in all, despite many things walking is always better. But make it more fruitful by following these tips.

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