Are you following these healthy cooking ideas

When foods are cooked with more spice and oil no doubt they taste best but are they the best for health. Definitely not then how to cook properly and healthily? There is a method and that method will be discussed here. When you follow these methods you will not end up losing the nutrient values present in the cooked items be it vegetables or non-vegan foods. Here we go with healthy cooking tips and correct cooking methods.

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Use less water:

The more water you add to cooking the lesser you are reaping the benefits from vegetables and other cooked stuff. Using more water leads to replenishing of nutrients present in the foods. Take for instance broccoli, when it is boiled in more water we get back water in green color which is an indication of loss of Vitamin C and B. When this particular vegetable is boiled in too much water the nutrients present in them will get dissolved in water. So keep this in mind and use less water to cook any ingredient.

Steam or microwave them:

The best way to protect the proteins, nutrients and other essential vitamins present in any edible is to steam them or place them in a microwave rather than preferring to go for boiling in more water. Vegetables such as potatoes, green beans, and broccoli are at their peak nutrient values when steamed or put in the microwave.

Soak in room temperature water:

Whenever you wish to wash the vegetables and other things don’t use either too cold water or too hot water. When either of the water is used it absorbs the nutrients and other essential things present in the vegetables. Use water at the room temperature and also don’t soak the vegetables for more minutes.

Prefer some fat:

Eating plain vegetables that are steamed is good for health but as far as boiled foods are concerned it is better to have some fat in them. Take for example vitamin D, K and beta keratins are fat soluble. These mix up with the blood through the small intestine and provide the body with some amount of fat. So it is better to steam or fry boiled vegetables to give the body some amount of fat.

Add citrus: 

All the green leafy vegetables are rich in iron, but the fact is that the body cannot absorb them directly when eaten. So to avoid this situation it is always a safe bet to add citrus while cooking them. To say it in a nutshell by adding citrus to iron rich foods you are helping the body to absorb iron easily.

Follow the above cooking tips and you can easily make up a good and healthy meal.

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