Are you eating these to evade impotency…..

The improper lifestyle has cast its evil effect on male fertility. The stressed out life more importantly in professional front has got down the ratio of male fertility and also increased impotency. As per studies one amongst ten men are suffering from impotency. Impotency can be naturally reduced by following good diet habits, practicing good lifestyle habits and exercising regularly. In this present article, let us see what changes are to be made in diet to reverse impotency and infertility.

The following are the foods to eat to fight impotency….

1) Banana:

Banana has high amounts of carbohydrates and potassium and so is good diet for impotence. The body needs potassium for proper functioning of the nervous system and a proper nerve functioning is essential for proper erection and if you have good erection it means you lack impotency. Bananas also have vitamin B, which aids in keeping the balance of testosterone, a male hormone. Apart from potassium and vitamin B it even has an enzyme called bromine that can naturally reduce impotency. Apart from all these good healthy ingredients it is also high in carbohydrates that give instant energy. The other protein rich foods include all the dairy products more importantly milk and oranges and tomatoes too are rich in potassium levels.

2) Almonds and honey:

Almonds are highly nutritious and also aid in correct blood flow procedure in the body. They enhance the functions of the brain. They have essential fatty acids and vitamin E, which are essential to clean the blood vessels by obstructing the formation of blocks in the blood vessels. Almonds even assist in the process of secretion of dopamine, a kind of chemical present in the brain that is responsible for happiness in humans. Apart from all these they increase sex drive. Honey is also one good food to fight impotency; it has high amounts of vitamin B which acts as strength booster. Honey is also rich in elements that increase the flow of blood to pennies.

3) Chili and pepper:

Pepper and green chilies have chemicals that increase blood flow and stamina of the nerves. But these should be taken in limit as they may upset the stomach.

4) Zinc foods:

Zinc foods enhance the production of testosterone in leaps and bounds.              Not only this, they even repair the damaged cells and play a vital role in generating new cells. Zinc is high in sea foods, especially in shell fish, sunflower seeds and cucumber seeds.

5) Arginine foods:

Arginine has amino acids and also lessens sex problems. Dry grapes are good source to Arginine. Fresh fruits and vegetables, red wine and sea foods keep the heart healthy and we need a healthy heart for healthy sex life.

These in general are good foods to fight impotency and increase fertility and sex life, apart from taking the above foods regularly, we also need to maintain healthy lifestyle for good life in general and sex life in particular.

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