Are you addicted to internet….?

Do you have the habit of becoming defiant when you phone goes ring less for an hour? Are you waking up midnights to check your mails? Do you go bewildered when your gadgets don’t have net facility for unseen reasons? If you have these kinds of symptoms then you are almost all on the edge of having internet addiction associated with gadgets and internet usage. Here are the internet addiction facts that you should know to understand it better.

How does it begin?

It all begins with depending on net or phones to get some information and with the passage of time one becomes addicted to them and a stage arises where they cannot stay without its presence. They slowly begin to lose social life and all their hobbies confine to internet usage.

Here are some early internet addiction symptoms….

  1. Staying awake in late nights to spend time on net and chatting.
  2. Getting up suddenly to check messages and mails.
  3. Spending less time with friends, relatives and also family members. Staying all alone most of the time by not talking to people.
  4. Not attending social functions or other functions.
  5. Being absolutely out of control when you don’t have net facility.
  6. Staying more in virtual world rather than in real world.
  7. Killing time more by playing computer games rather than outdoor games.

If these symptoms are present then it indicates the presence of addiction to internet. With the above stated symptoms we cannot find out in which stage it is. Once it starts to grow the following changes can be noticed.

  1. There is increased pressure and people undergo increased anxiety even for small reasons. An increased anger is one more common sign.
  2. Lack of sleep and with this there is change in hormonal functions. Changes in face and redness of eyes can be noticed.
  3. There is decrease in memory power and creativity.
  4. There is also increased relying on computers and phones for each and every issue.
  5. The relations with nears and dears get decreased due to increased hours of loneliness. The only friends to such people are smartphones and computers.
  6. In case of children lack of interest in studies and increased stubbornness can be seen. They start using their spare time more to play video games.
  7. Even the physical activity also reduces and as such obesity problems can also be noticed.

Internet addiction treatments:

Generally symptoms related to many of the mental health problems can be understood by the patient himself and also by the people around him but this is not the case with internet addiction. People suffering from this kind of addiction can never find that they are suffering from it nor their parents can find out the situation. So it is always better to seek medical advice. More care should be taken when you notice such conditions in children and also seek medical advice as soon as that. One way to bring children out of this situation is to encourage them to play outdoors. Generally the treatment consists of different phases that mostly include counseling.

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