Are squats dangerous? No…they are healthy

Squat exercises such as front squats and barbell squats are the most liked ones among athletes and bodybuilders for one specific reason: THEY JUST WORK. They are not only effective to build a strong lower body but also give good number of benefits which include improved flexibility and enhanced hormone release. Here are few other benefits of squatting position apart from the above said ones.

Enhances Digestion and Removes Waste:

Squats aid in flushing out the wastes that are accumulated in the body as the muscular action is at its peak during squats; this enhances the movement of fluids and leads to easier movement of wastes through the bowels.

Gives Better Circulation and Fights Cellulite:

The same increased muscle action when you do squats also helps in easier pumping of the blood throughout the whole body and enhances the overall health in general. Good circulation is nothing but more oxygen and nutrients getting pumped to the important muscles and organs throughout the body. Apart from this regular doing of squats will also lower the manifestation of cellulite.

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Burns High Calories:

Apart from toning the muscles, squats will also burn calories effectively. As you build and tone the muscles you are in fact burning more additional calories, so squatting makes an excellent work out, both for weight loss and for health, more specifically to tone the muscles.

Augmented Hormone Release

The total movement of the body during exercising is necessary for potent stimulators such as growth hormones and testosterone, which are the hormones responsible for muscle building. And one such simple exercise that can easily move all most all the body parts is ‘’squat.’’ So without further explanation you would have by now understood that squatting is one easy way to increase hormone production.

Good For Joints and Obstructs Back Strain:

Squatting is not like many other exercises which can easily exert unwanted strain on the ankles, back and knees. These are extremely low end exercises and so do not strain the body and joints. So people suffering from pains can do this exercise without any negative effect on your pains. The stretching and bending of the knees will fortify the knee muscles and pave way for more blood and oxygen flow round the joints, this helps to keep the knees strong and pain less.

Superior Flexibility:

Squatting is one way to go flexible and also stronger as the body is set into full motion when you are squatting. Deep squatting assists in increasing range of motions throughout the hip complex, this gives high flexibility in lower parts of the body.


These are the most convenient exercises to do; you neither need a gym nor any costly equipment. You can just do them anywhere and everywhere, be it in your home or a public park.

Get Shaped Butt:

These are just amazing to tone the butts. They firm up the buttocks in lesser time without giving strain to the back.

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