Are eggshells healthy? ‘Yes’ says the stats

The next time when you break an egg and are ready to throw the eggshell in dustbin think once as it has calcium in it. Calcium is a vital element to keep the body’s functions intact. Some of the calcium’s important functions include preventing osteoporosis and creation of bone mass, apart from this it also aids in normalizing the functions of muscles and nerves, regulating the heartbeat, helping in good sleep, and also helping to promote healthy hair and skin. It is even important for immunological activities of the cells.

Much number of factors can lead to reduced calcium levels in the body such as longer sitting durations, excessive coffee, and consumption of alcohol and also carbonated beverages. Women who are pregnant, menopause in women, men aged over 50, and humans having digestive malfunctions are more prone to deficiency of calcium. So going by all these you would have by now come to know that calcium is just indispensible for good health and so eggshell is also indispensible to get calcium apart from these eggshells are highly beneficial to children as their proper bone tissue and body’s formation depends on calcium.

Eggshell’s nutritional value is highly incredible. One eggshell has more than 90% calcium apart from being natural source to 27 different kinds of minerals like magnesium, silicon, phosphorus, sodium, iron, potassium, aluminum and sulfur. Apart from these the proteins in it have essential amino acids like cysteine, methionine, isoleucine and lysine.

They also have copper, iron, manganese, fluorine, zinc, molybdenum and chromium. The suggested dose of crushed shells per day is 1.5 to 3gm.

Studies have also proved increased healing of orthopedic diseases when eggshells are used. Increasing the content of eggshell calcium consumption will also treat osteoporosis and calcium deficiencies apart from fighting increased blood pressure and high cholesterol. They even help in blood cells production.

Here are few ways to put them to use:

Cleanse the blood and enhance the system:

Cleanse and crush five eggshells into fine powder. Mix this powder in ten and half cups of water. Keep it in refrigerator for a week before consuming. Consume two glasses full of this mix every day. You can as well add lemon juice if you wish some flavor.

Using eggshells to Cure Ulcer and Gastritis:

Cleanse and crush two eggshells. Add three teaspoons of fresh lemon juice, once the shells become softer, add nearly half cup-hot milk. Drink this 2 times each day, once as soon as you get up in the morning and once before you call it a day. Stay away from eating or drinking anything at least one hour before you take it and also one hour after you take it.

Treat Cavities:

Eggshells give the needed calcium amounts to re-mineralize the teeth. Take nearly eight to ten eggshells, boil them for nearly 5 minutes and allow them to dry in air. Next, make powder by grinding the eggshells and start taking half teaspoon of this each day.

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