Are diseases part and parcel of culture?

Every nation has its own culture and tradition. This is a known fact. But have you ever heard of diseases to be part of culture and tradition and also solely specific to that culture, tradition and particular region or nation alone. Yes…is the answer to it. Here let us see such diseases which are specific to some cultures and regions.

Retired husband syndrome (RHS):

This disease is one of the uncommon deadly diseases found in Japan. Japanese are known for hard work and spending lonely hours in madness to make carrier.  As per researches this sought of work culture has raised RHS. Lack of emotional bond is also one reason for this situation. RHS is a situation where husband and wife can no more live together after retirement. This is mostly seen in people who have crossed their retirement age and are unable to bear the fact of living together, eventually leading to divorce.

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This is a kind of rare disorder associated with nerve system. People suffering from this disease behave peculiarly. The common symptoms are shouting, dancing and showing anger on other people for no reason. The other common symptom found in them is that they undergo extreme pressure with an illusion that something wrong is happening to them. Overreaction to sudden sounds which come their way is also observed. Two extreme cases were also observed: In one situation a woman had consumed plastic items while in another case, a woman started breastfeeding a cap taking it to be her child. These kinds of behavior are not permanent and once the person comes out of this Latah state, he/she can never remember what actually they have done in that mental state. The reasons for this disease are unknown but researchers think it is linked to genetic disorders.

Sudden death syndrome:

This disease has taken lives of many men in South East Asian countries and is limited to only in South East Asia. The symptoms of this disease are also as dreadful as the name of the disease. The main symptom includes sudden death in healthy men aged between 30-35 years and death mostly occurs during sleep. Researches have found that people who have died out of this disease wept seriously before their death. The other common symptoms include presence of a small line (identical to shark’s gill) in ECG reports, deaths occurred mostly around 3AM and more particularly in the months of December and January. This disease is called by different names in different South East Asian countries.

Pa-Leng and PA-Peng in China:

This disease is peculiar to China and Chinese people alone. This disease is the outcome of imbalances in the body’s temperature. It affects both Chinese and other foreigners living in the land of China. When the body temperature hits below standards people start fearing, this situation is known as Pa-Leng and Pa-Peng is a situation where a person undergoes extreme fear to stand out when there is heavy air flow.

These diseases always find their place in the strange diseases list that are particular to these nations alone. The studies and researches till now could not find out proper reasons behind these and even the treatments are under placebo stage.

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