Apps to make your daily life easy

Technology has made life easier. In fact, we have become lazier and have more spare time with them as technology is finishing our works in no time. Here are few smart devices and apps to use daily so that your life is easy and hassle free.

Here we go with useful apps for daily life that give you ease of doing your daily chore works.


This is the best app for daily life. It is really a boon for lazy freaks and food lovers. It has all the information regarding food and food stores. Are you hungry? Are you so tired that you can’t prepare food for the time being? Are you not aware which restaurant serves you the best tasty food? In this case, Foodpanda app is your best friend and guide. Using this app you can order food of your choice from your favorite restaurant.

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Philips wake-up light:

To wake up every morning with the help of alarm sound is not so an enthusiastic way of waking up. This way of waking up can easily increase pressure and make the rest of the day more hectic. The logic behind this is simple- to wake up all of a sudden due to some sudden external disturbance will always make the day more lazy and cumbersome. Then how to wake up and save the body from this unwanted situation. It is simple! Make use of Philips wake-up light. It will emit sunlight gradually in your bedroom for 20 to 40 minutes and this will let you wake up naturally. It will emit light gradually and give you a feeling of complete sunrise, so this way you are waking up naturally and easily.


You feel like reading your favorite book, but you don’t have time in your busy schedule. And in these tight packed days to sit and read a novel for 2 to 3 hours is only a thing that happens in a dream. In this situation audible app is your savior. This will enable you to hear your favorite novel. Using this app you can easily hear to your favorite novel while travelling or by relaxing. But you need to buy the novel in advance which you need to read. Once you have downloaded the book of your choice you need to transfer it to your tablet or smartphone through WiFi.

Google Chrome cast:

Identical to pen drive it is one gadget that can give you unending entertainment. All you need to do is to connect it to your TV’s HDMI port. You can watch and hear your favorite movies and songs from Google play movies and Google play music respectively. You can as well play online games using chrome browser.

Hope these apps and gadgets are for sure for your liking. Though a bit costly the joy and ease of using these best apps for daily work makes them affordable. Give a try to them and enjoy the life to the maximum.

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