Anemia might be the cause of your fatigue

Few people get strained and tired for no reason at all. Despite not doing much physical and mental work some people get tired soon. There might be many reasons for fatigue such as work pressure, depression or some health problem. No one denies these causes but have you ever thought even anemia can be the reason for this tiredness. Whether you know it or not, anemia is also one of the prime factors for fatigue according many studies. This is truer for women than men and studies say that anemia is one of the main reasons for fatigue in females.

As per reports, in India, 3 women out of every 5 women are suffering from fatigue, which is the result of lack of correct blood amount in the body. Going by this statistics we can guess what would be the number across the globe.

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The reports have also traced that this is more common in pregnant women, breast-feeding women and girls who have of late reached puberty. All these facts are authenticating the relation between anemia and fatigue. The facts are disturbing and also a matter of concern. But still, this situation can be kept in check when you can trace the situation well in advance.

How to know anemia?

Before trying to know the symptoms of anemia one should know the reasons for anemia. If the cells in the body need to function well they need oxygen. Hemoglobin, which is a kind of protein, will carry oxygen to RBC (red blood cells).  Hemoglobin also has iron in it. The hemoglobin percentage in the body is generally measured in terms of gm/dL. Here gm stands for grams and dL stands for deciliter. When hemoglobin is less than 13 percent then take it for written that the body is not getting required amounts of iron and oxygen. When there is less oxygen in the body chances are that the heart gets over burdened which may sometimes lead to heart attacks.

When the hemoglobin percentage reaches less than 7 gm/ dL then the body faces all sorts of health problems such as giddiness, fatigue, headaches and also lack of concentration. When you face such situation it is better to start taking Vitamin B12 and iron tablets or else situation will get worse and blood transfusion might be required.

How to increase hemoglobin?

When the hemoglobin count is too less then there is no other way but to take medicines as per doctors’ suggestion. In addition to taking medically prescribed drugs eat healthy food such as green leafy vegetables, eggs, red meat oysters and prawns. Also, squeeze lemon in these foods while eating as it helps the body to absorb the iron present in these vegetables quickly.

The next time when you are constantly feeling tired check for the hemoglobin and blood levels in the body as one of the causes of fatigue is anemia.

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