Anemia is on rise in women

The number of people suffering from anemia is on rise day by day. This is true for women especially. One of the most important causes behind this is lack of sufficient iron in the body and the body needs iron if there should be correct levels of blood in the body. When there is correct blood amount then anemia sees backdrop automatically. Let us see the causes and natural treatment options to cure anemia in women.

Causes of anemia in women:

•    Too much and frequent fasting.

•    Lack of proper eating habits.

•    Lack of correct levels of iron in the food taken.

•    Heavy bleeding during periods.

•    Frequent delivery.

•    Lesser gap between deliveries.

•    Surgeries and even bleeding caused due to some injury.

•    Lack of correct diet during teenage can cause anemia in teenage girls and this can continue even after teenage.

•    Some kinds of virus also can lead to anemia.

•    Intake of some kinds of medicines for a longer time.

•    Diseases caused due to some types of bacteria.

•    Some types of toxins in the body can also lead to anemia.

•    Presence of impure blood in the body.

All these can cause anemia in women. Excluding causes specific to women the rest hold good for men too.

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Symptoms of anemia in women:

The below-stated symptoms are also good for men except the last one.

•    The eyelids look pale and dull.

•    Heavy fatigue.

•    Giddiness.

•    Increased heart beat.

•    Lack of stamina.

•    Anxiety and stress.

•    Improper blood pressure (more importantly decreased blood pressure).

•    Uneven periods (this holds good for only women)

Home remedies for anemia:

When you can trace out anemia during the early stages, it is easier to treat with less strain and also in less time. One of the natural remedies for anemia is correct balanced diet. Apart from this, here are few home remedies to treat anemia.

•    Mix little quantity of jaggery and unpolished sesame. Take this daily once and anemia will lessen with each passing day. Both are rich in iron and so are good foods to eat if you have anemia.

•    Take more of dairy products. Amongst dairy products milk should be preferred. Prefer whole milk instead of toned milk.

•    Drinking fruit juices is also a best option. Drink pomegranate juice more.

•    Prefer green colored vegetables and also your food should never complete without adding one kind of green leafy vegetable. All the green leafy vegetables are high in iron.

•    Mangoes are also a good way to beat anemia.

•    Keep taking honey every now and then. But prefer organic. Honey acts as antioxidant and wards off all the viruses and bacteria responsible for anemia.

Follow these easy treatment options and you can get better with anemia.

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