Aloe Vera uses and magical effects

Aloe vera is one of the well known species from aloe genus. Aloe originally belongs to Africa apart from few parts in the Middle East. Well known for its numerous medicinal qualities this plant has been in use since the ancient times to cure many medical ailments starting from herpes to skin irritations and diabetes to constipation. In fact this mucilaginous and succulent plant had been one amongst the most widely approved medicines in18th as well as 19th centuries.

Even now in the 21st century its popularity has never diminished. Its spear shaped green leaves are a good source to disease-fighting minerals and vitamins. This is even a widely used ingredient in lot many cosmetic products. Owing to its unparalleled versatility it has many more uses which you may not know. Here are few of the uses.

Shaving gel:

The one of the uses of aloe Vera on face is it is a good shaving agent. It is an ideal natural alternate for those terrible, chemical filled creams and shaving gels present in retail stores and . Fore mostly the plant has 95 % water thereby making it a good natural alternate to commercial shaving creams. The water content gives a slippery, nice surface which lets for a pleasing and close shave. Apart from water it is also a rich treasure to anti-inflammatory sources thereby making it a good curing option for rashes and shaving nicks. Last but not the least it nourishes and moisturizes the skin naturally and leaves behind touchable soft skin that is rejuvenated due to skin friendly elements present in aloe Vera. Aloe Vera can alone be used as a shaving gel or can be used in combination with other ingredients like eucalyptus oil or almond oil for cleaner shave.

Treats bad breath:

Halitosis or Bad breath is a normal medical condition which affects 1 out of four people regularly. Although commercial mouthwashes and toothpastes can assist in treating it, their unnatural and aggressive ingredients mostly leave behind many of the germs that can cause serious mouth problems. In place of commercial products consider using aloe vera. Apart from being a powerful antibacterial agent, it also has anti-inflammatory compound called beta-Sitosterol well known to calm down acid indigestion that is a general cause to bad breath.

Although aloe vera can singly work as a toothpaste and mouthwash adding it to baking soda might have a predominantly powerful effect. The oil of it can even be used to oil pull, the age old Ayurvedic treatment to cleanse the mouth.

Makeup remover:

Aloe vera benefits the skin by removing make up on skin. Dissimilar to artificial makeup removers found in market that commonly have hard chemicals which dehydrate skin. This wonderful plant’s gel can be used as a natural cleanser to remove make up gently. Just squeeze some amount of aloe gel on a cotton ball, using this remove the makeup present on the skin.

It even treats sunburns effectively due to heavy water content in it. All you need to do is to just apply aloe oil or the gel on sunburns.

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