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House decoration is always tough and when it comes to choosing colors for painting the home then it is an even more hectic task and it needs much care, thought, and time. Here are the few suggestions from color experts on how to choose colors to your home. Just follow these home painting tips and you can make your home a wonderland with much ease.

1) Many times many people do the mistake of thinking and choosing the same color and same color combination. This should be avoided.

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2) Think of different colors and color combinations. Who knows this kind of thought process may have more effect than the mundane routine colors.

3) When you use the same color all through the home the home will give less sized look despite the size and richness, according to experts. So prefer using different colors to give the room big look. Using different colors can even make a small home look big.

4) The one thing that should never go out of your mind is not to forget the fact that though each color has its own importance. When used in combination they will have different looks. So try mixing colors.

5) Before beginning the painting have a clear idea of which color should be used where and with what combination. Say for example orange color might not look good in a kitchen but that does not mean it will look odd in hall or bedroom. Have a clear idea on such things. This way you can save money and also time.

6) The best tip to follow while painting big rooms is not use the same color or dark colors. When you do so no matter however lengthy the room is it looks lesser in size and shape. So use light colors. Also use only light colors to both edges and also ceiling.

7) Not only the walls and exteriors need painting, you can as well paint in odd places such as behind the doors, in the cupboards and so on. This will give different look without your notice.

8) You even need to be careful with interiors you use in your homes. They should match with the paints painted or else no matter, however, care you take while painting. It goes in vain. Especially the cushions, furniture, and lighting should sink with the color combination. Keep this in mind always.

9) In the end remember the color is the replica of your personality so keep this in mind and act boldly while choosing colors.

Follow these simple tips and you can easily give an effective look to your homes.

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