Acid cleaners are deadly dangerous to health

Acid is the most common toilet cleaner used by many in houses. God knows how effective it is in cleansing the toilets. But the scientists for sure know that it will cause cancer. Many researchers are warning of its nature of causing cancer in humans. Doctors are warning on using acid as it is found to be one of the causes of cancer. Read to know more on side effects of acid.

Many of us have the habit of using acid ruthlessly to clean the toilets and other bathroom stuff but actually this habit of ours can be deadly dangerous for our health as the studies say that using acid can lead to many health problems, more importantly to skin. We should neither blame acid nor its manufacturers for this. It is us, who should get self-blamed. All the acid bottles come with a tag on them- ACID IS DANGEROUS AND BAD TO HEALTH. Never have we cared for its warning sign and so we should blame ourselves someday in case you hit some health problem in the future for ignoring the caution from it.

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As per doctors the smoke and other chemicals that get released when you use acid will reach the skin and other body parts through the lungs. These harmful things emitted are also bad on eyes.

As per one doctor using acid is never good for health. The chemicals and smoke emitted by using it will cause many lung infections and also disorders such as allergies and asthma. He also went on to say that the need of the hour is to bring awareness to people regarding the disadvantages and dangers associated with using acid.

The acids used to cleanse toilets have chemicals such as sulfuric acid, sodium bisulfate, hydrochloric acid, and oxalic acid and so many other deadly agents. These reach the body through lungs when acid is used to clean the toilets. The smoke comes along with these dangerous chemicals and hits hard on the health of people. Not only these enter the body through lungs, they even enter through the skin and reach the body as the skin pores absorb those harmful emitted chemicals. This will eventually cause problems in other human parts. As per studies, these harsh chemicals also cast their evil effect on the nerve system.

Not only acids are harmful to the body they also harm the aquatic ecosystems present in the drain. This will indirectly lead to ecological imbalances. So the best way is not to use these harmful acids and start using some other alternatives so that, you save yourself and also do your own share of good to the environment.

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