A slimmer waist is always a heavier attraction

A slim waistline not only gives sexy appeal but is also an indicator of perfect health and weight. Unfortunately most of us don’t have slim waist that indicates perfect BMI. There are countless people who suffer from accumulated fats near the waist and stomach. The below are easy and natural ways to make the waist slim. Follow these simple tips to get slim waist. Following them will also keep you away from bloating.

  1. Eat more fiber content food; this is one best diet for a slim waist. Eating more fiber is one way to reduce constipation, a constipation less digestive system is nothing but good digestive system. Eat more of fresh vegetables and fruits and nuts that are high in protein. Also drink more fluids; by all means, the body should be given nearly 6 to 8 liters of water.
  2. One easy way to get slim waist is to stay from the foods that are allergenic to your digestive system, track all the foods that cause trouble and stay away from them.
  3. Eat leisurely and chew properly, eating in haste does not lead to proper digestion and this can cause bloating of stomach and bad looks of stomach. Spare minimum half an hour for each meal and chew the food to the maximum extent until it becomes paste in mouth itself, this will not only help in quick digestion but will also abstain you from eating too much.
  4. Stay off from carbonated drinks. Too much consumption of these drinks will cause acidity in stomach and give the stomach a bulged look. Prefer lemon water in place of them as it is good for health and also digestion. Drinking lemon juice or putting a mint in mouth when you feel heavy stomach will relieve the condition.
  5. Some people have the habit of chewing bubble gums for longer period of time; this will lead to formation of gas in the stomach. In place of chewing gums prefer to chew fruits or less fatty popcorn’s which help digestion.
  6. Intake of too much sugar is also bad for waist as they can easily increase weight. Prefer to always eat sugar-free foods both for good digestion and lessened waistline.
  7. The food we take should always have lesser sodium content. Its presence is high in almost all the processed foods. When you are forced to eat processed food or frozen food, see to that the daily intake of sodium does not get lower than 1500mg or gets higher than 2300mg per each day.
  8. The one more care to be taken when you buy frozen or processed food is to look for label which states less sodium or sodium free.
  9. Eating beans is also one easy way to get slim waist, but take all care that you eat lesser quantities in more servings so that you are not falling prey to gastric problems.
  10. To ward off gas related problems eat more of ginger this will also keep the digestion in track.

These are all some easy ways to get slim waistline and look sexy. We have given answers on how do you get a smaller waist, follow them and see the results.

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