A report says women suffer more from vitamin D deficiency than men

When was the last time you saw sunrise and sunset? The answer from many of us would be- ‘’I don’t remember.’ Here by asking this question we are not trying to know your fantasy and liking for nature. Here we are trying to point out that you are getting lower and lower in terms of vitamin D levels in your body by not exposing to sunlight. As per reports, many of the people are suffering from vitamin D deficiency. Women are more under this situation in comparison to men as per studies.

Not having enough vitamin D is nothing but inviting troubles knowingly. Beginning with weak bones to menstrual problems many of the diseases are the direct results of lack of correct vitamin D content in the body.

Doctors are more worried that the number of teenage girls suffering from vitamin D deficiency problems is more than matured women. Every two among 10 matured girls have some form of body pains or the other vitamin D deficiency problem.

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Though the number of women suffering from these is comparatively low when compared to adolescents it is a major problem when considered in general terms. The biggest cause of this is lack of exposure to sun.

Vitamin D regulates calcium metabolism, which in turn controls the health and wellness of bones. So when there is less vitamin D, then the skeletal system is prone to as many problems as possible such as weak bones, lesser density of bones, low mass bones and also many kinds of arthritis related problems such as osteoporosis.

The recent study conducted in India has found out a major fact of health worry. According to it, by the end of 2015, 20 percent adolescent girls and 10 percent adolescent boys will suffer from osteoporosis. This now should be a matter of concern for young Indians who dream of capturing the world with their skills.

The study has also expressed grief that this vitamin D deficiency is more in women who work in night shifts. Doctors have suggested exposure of the body to sun rays each day for 15 minutes is the only way to reverse this situation.

When the body is exposed to sun and has correct amounts of vitamin D levels than many of the problems stated above can easily be kept in check. One more main problem that women face due to vitamin D deficiency is increased pain during labor and this sometimes may even lead to abortions.

The bonus you get by having the correct amount of vitamin D is you will save your body from rheumatoid arthritis. Girls did you note this?

So expose well to sun and let your body have the correct amount of vitamin D and let all of you be hail and healthy.

Note: You get vitamin D by exposing your body to sun before 7 AM in the morning and any exposure after that might give you or not but for sure you are risking your skin to harmful UV rays.

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