9 unique jobs that are fun to do

Not only engineers and doctors are professionals. There are many professionals who earn respect and money on par with them. Here are few types of jobs though not so popular are good in terms of paying and respect and one more advantage is they are not of regular type…just have a look of these most unusual professions that are typical in their functioning…

1) Wine taster:

This is the best job in case your appetite lies in wines. As a wine taster one need’s to check and taste different kinds of wines and say their opinion. The duty also consists of mixing different kinds of wines and making a new wine altogether.

2) Ice cream engineer:

Who doesn’t like to taste different flavors of ice creams and in case your job is to just taste ice creams then wouldn’t that be appetizing. As an ice cream engineer the duty involves in tasting different things and making different ice cream flavors.

3) Recreational therapist:

The job involves comforting, soothing and caring of people who are suffering from different kinds of ailments. Sounds interesting right? You get your pay and you have a chance to exhibit humanity.

4) Pet detective:

Pets in homes have become common and in case someone loses his/her pet then the pain is unbearable and inexpressible. As a pet detective all you need to do is help the pet owners in finding the lost pets.

5) Chocolate engineer:

This is identical to wine taster; the only difference is a wine taster tastes wine while a chocolate engineer tastes different flavors of chocolates and tries to make different chocolate flavors by mixing varied flavors.

6) Showroom fashioner:

This perfectly fits for those who have attracting looks and good shape. The latest trend in the fashion and grooming industry is to showcase new products by using people. As a showroom fashioner one should showcase the products by standing in showcases. The work might run for hours and the pay is high.

7) Braille translator:

A Braille translator prepares books, broachers and other readable material for blind people. The work involves translating content from different languages to Braille language. This job is presently in high demand and being a Braille translator you will even have the opportunity to serve the people.

8) Professional cuddler:

All the work you do as a professional cuddler is to hug people and you get paid of hugging. Sounds interesting…right!!!! The pay is also high and is paid on hourly basis.

9) Pet grooming:

The work involves taking care and grooming the pets present in pet stores. It can as well include taking care of someone else pets when they are out of station. As a pet groomer you need to take care of the pets until the owners come back.

Seems like these jobs caught your attention…if so, try your luck in these fields…

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