9 things women hate that men do in bed

Your relation will foster when you know the sex rules and how to play it safe on bed. One wrong done in bed can hamper your otherwise sweet time. You should know what to do and what not to do on bed with your girl. All of us take every care to impress a woman generally then why not apply the same logic here too. There are certain things which women in particular do not like in bed. Here are the things women hate about men in bed.

1) Going Downtown Right Away:

The one way to kill the feelings of woman in bed is to straight away go down as if the world is going to shrink in no time. When you have many other sensitive parts like lips, neck and breasts why do you want to hit it down? This is one thing which all the women do not like. Be caring, be passionate and be slow and going down should only be a final assault.

2) Manhandling of Breasts:

Caress and touch of breasts is all what a woman want, especially on breasts and unfortunately men need something more to do, which is not at all a game to play in bed. Stay off from squeezing as if they are stress balls or some rubber balls. Be smooth on them and also avoid biting as if they are peppermints.

3) Blowing In Ears:

Never blow in her ears it’s one thing which many of the women just hate it.

4) Thrusting As If There is No Tomorrow:

Many of the men become machines as soon as they are in their woman and try to do it as eagerly and as intensely as possible as if there is no sunrise tomorrow. Pause on; don’t be a robot, there is still another day to come. Play it little cool and soft.

5) Coming Too Quickly:

Remember if it starts to run down as soon as you are in, then you are in trouble. Many of the men ejaculate even before a woman knows something is happening down there. So control your orgasm at least to the point where your sweet one feels orgasm.

6) Asking Her to Go For Stupid Positions:

Not everything you see in porn can be done on your sweet soft baby. Many of the men force their babies to take unimaginable positions which she can neither do nor give you extra comfort. Be a man and use manly positions instead of experimenting.

7) Deep Love Bites:

Some amount of nibbling is really romantic. But be assured that you are not biting her as if she is a chicken piece.

8) Not Reaching Till Eternity:

All the men do sex as if it is their own business not considering the girl in the bed. They are done and that’s it. End result a girl lying unsatisfied next to you. So take it to the maximum for her too.

9) Forcing Her Mouth Down:

Not all women are comfortable to take it into their mouths. When it is so, why do you ask her to take it forcibly? If she likes she will do it anyhow just wait and watch it to happen.

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