9 signs of sensitive personality

The world differs in leaps and bounds. Change and disparity are law of nature. Nothing in this world should be alike or identical, so are humans. Every human being born on this earth is no identical; change is mandate both physically and mentally. Not every people react same to given conditions, based on their thinking and sensitivity reactions differ. While some are more sensitive some are less sensitive. And to know if you are sensitive or not, here is the checklist…Here are some common signs of sensitive person…

  1. The one sign of sensitive nature is you always land up taking things too personally for even petty reasons, which otherwise can be easily let off. You are always under a constant impression that whatever people or friends round you talk is spoken keeping you in mind. Commonly said things by them also hurt you! And surprisingly you are not even aware of that.
  2. You always put your friends and nears at stake, since they have to be very mindful while using words or cutting jokes as you can easily be broken into tears for no reason at all. You will be so sensitive that you take every word uttered and joke cracked to your heart.
  3. The one sign of sensitive people that can easily be recognized is: your feelings can easily be noticed on your face. You are the one who can be easily predicted on your thoughts. If you are hurt, a signboard appears voluntarily on your face: READY TO WEAP!
  4. You have the craziest heart; you can weep for no reason at all. Even an emotional scene in films can bring unending tears from your eyes and when someone mocks you for this your toes are ready for exit even without least courtesy and manners. All you do before an abrupt exit is give some lame reason.
  5. You over react for silly and normal things also say; someone has seen your text message on Facebook or Tinder, you go blab over it. Even not getting a return reply for your message can bring you down!
  6. You are the spoil broth for many parties and celebrations, either you end up leaving in middle or catch up fight for no reason.
  7. You can’t take things lightly and you over react for even a slightest mishap that happens to your near ones. You will have more wet eyes for the same reason which might not even be a thing of worry for others.
  8. You hate pranks absolutely, the more the laughs are directed towards you, the more you get panic struck.
  9. Any change in the daily routine will make you go sweaty and your brain becomes a home for all stress.

These are only a few. Actually a little bit of sensitivity is praised but if it exceeds anything more than that, you will be ruining your relations and future. So be careful and monitor the above said symptoms if you have.

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