9 diseases acupuncture cures

Acupuncture is gaining momentum as one of the alternative that can cure many diseases without side effects. Here is the list of diseases that can be cured using acupuncture.


The researches related to know the efficacy of acupuncture in treating pain related to fibromyalgia have shown mixed results. Some studies have shown that it had provided temporary relief from pain while the other studies did not. As per a small study conducted by Mayo Clinic acupuncture may lower 2 other problems linked to fibromyalgia: anxiety and fatigue. But all in all despite some studies showing positivity to acupuncture there is no enough proof to show that it works on fibromyalgia.


Acupuncture might help in relieving tension headaches or migraines. Two major studies have noticed that people who received acupuncture had experienced tension headaches for lesser days in comparison to those who received conventional treatment.

Low-back pain:

When standard cures don’t give relief for your unending low back pains, acupuncture works well. Opting acupuncture is the best option. In fact many of the medical groups say acupuncture to be one alternative to conventional treatment. According to a large study both sham and actual acupuncture work better when compared to conventional treatment for low back pain which lasted for three months and more.


Acupuncture will be an added advantage to allopathic treatment to treat osteoarthritis as per National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. Early researches have also shown some promising results in curing knee pain caused by arthritis. Nevertheless we need some more studies to establish acupuncture’s efficacy in treating osteoarthritis.

Dental pain:

This age old Chinese treatment also gives relief from tooth pain associated with tooth extraction, commonly called as dental surgery. Some studies have also shown sham acupuncture to be effective in treating dental pain.

Tennis elbow:

According to Medicine and Rehabilitation located in San Francisco acupuncture will not only give relief from tennis elbow symptoms but will also solve the state totally.

Carpal Tunnel:

This alternative treatment had been put to test and compared to steroid pills used to treat arm and hand pain raised due to carpal tunnel. Taiwan researchers administered 8 acupuncture treatments to a group for nearly one month which resulted in increased relief for more duration of time. We still need to have more researches to find out its effectiveness regarding treating Carpal Tunnel.

Soothes Indigestion:

Researchers from Brazil have of late published research studies which said that administering acupuncture relieved indigestion and heartburn in conceived women. Some of the pregnant women were given both regular medicines and acupuncture while some other women were assisted with dietary changes and medications alone. At the end of the studies 75 percent of women who were given acupuncture had lesser heartburn and antacids.

Cures Radiation Effects:

Cancer patients are generally administered radiation which leads to many side effects. These effects were cured effectively when acupuncture was given. Even in this case its efficacy is still to be proved.

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