8 things you should know about breasts

Women have many concerns on breasts and are probably they are the parts that seek more attention of them, both in terms of beauty and health. It is always best to know some vital facts about them, so that you understand them better and take care of them better, not worrying much on myths.

1) The size of the breast depends on genes:

There are quite good chances that genetics play key role in defining the shape and size of the breast.

2) Never two breasts are of same size:

The fact is that two breasts are not equal in size. Normally 1 breast is nearly 1/5th larger when compared to the other. To be more specific, commonly the breast on the left part of the body is larger than the one on right side.

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3) 34DD is the average size of the bra in USA:

One of the facts about breasts size is that many of the women have this as breast size.

4) Boobs are not made just with fat:

Many feel that boobs contain just fat but actually they have more things than this and consist of complex makeup of ducts and glands; even the nipple has many elements apart from fat. Beneath each breast there is muscle, and also fibrous tissue which separates it from the ribs. But as the age grows the breasts turn to fat mostly.

5) Gaining weight might make the boobs larger:

The breast size mostly depends on the weight you have massed up. The more fat you are the more the size of the breast is. This might not hold good for some, as we can see good bust size though they have lean bodies.

6) Sagging is unavoidable:

Unless you undergo corrective surgery the more you grow in age the more the breasts are prone to sag. The other culprits are gravity, sleeping and smoking. In fact if you are prone to sleep more on stomach you should consider changing the position. As per few reports sleeping on the stomach can in fact change the breast shape.

7) Exercise makes the boobs to move around:

Studies have confirmed that all the physical exercises such as jogging and running will cause the breasts to move up and down and also sideways. You will be surprised to know that on an average the breasts shag nearly eight inches, so this should now be a good reason to wear a sports bra.

8) Having third nipple is common:

In fact nearly 6 percent women across the world have a third (or even more) nipple with additional breast tissue. These additional breasts can also lactate and go sensitive at the time of menstruation.

The nipples are of four types and on an average the boob weighs somewhere nearly 1to 2 pounds.

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