8 things you need to know about your deodorant

Deodorant has become common part of wardrobe both for men and women. For many a day doesn’t begin without putting deodorant on. But how many of us know the deodorant facts and how to use deodorant properly. Read to know what actually deodorant has under its belt to say you……

1) Deodorant destroys bacteria:

What many of us don’t know is that sweat has no smell and is almost all odorless. Sweat starts to smell only when bacteria from air and other sources gets in contact with sweat, obviously it means that bacteria causes smell and this is where the deodorants comes into action by killing the odor causing bacteria. All the deodorants have antibacterial ingredients that prevent the smell.

2) Deodorant can never stop sweating altogether:

All the ads that say complete protection is shear myth, no deodorant ever made can stop the sweating completely. They can only obstruct perspiration to some extent and kill bacteria.

3) Keep changing the deodorant brands every now and then:

If you have the habit of using same deodorant brand regularly keep away from this habit and cultivate the habit of changing the deodorants quite often for better results. Using the same brand over 6 months of time will make the body immune to it and so the deodorant becomes ineffective.

4) Deodorants are unisex:

Literally there is no difference between woman and man brands, save for packing and fragrance, all the ingredients present in both kinds of deodorants are almost all one and the same. So there is no harm in exchanging the brands if you wish.

5) Yellow marks are mystery:

No one till now, inclusive of deodorant makers are not sure why yellow stains get formed underarms. Many people think that ingredients made of aluminum which are present in deodorants might be the cause. These ingredients react with sweat, skin and other kind of things and form yellow stains. So in case you wish to avoid those stains see to that you buy a deodorant that lacks aluminum.

6) Bed time-the best time for deodorant application:

According to many applying deodorant before sleeping will be more effective than morning application.  When deodorant is applied during nights it will not be obstructed by sweat and so it will have much time at its disposal to work on.

7) Deodorant is not needed by all:

Not every human needs deodorant to combat odor, it depends on your body type. One easy way to check if you need deodorant or not is to look at your earwax, if the wax is sticky and dark then you need to go for deodorant and if the wax is flaky and white deodorant can be discarded.

8) Hand sanitizer will do the trick:

In emergencies hand sanitizer can be used as deodorant as the alcohol present in it will kill the bacteria present in the underarm and stop the body odor. However sanitizer should not be used too often as it leads to other problems.

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