8 things microwave can do for you beyond warming

We all know microwave heats foods for us but that alone is not where it stops its work, microwave uses are far beyond just heating up the things. Let us see the other benefits of microwave other than warming up the food stuff.

1) Gives the plants a boost up:

We can use microwave to heat up soil. Surprised! But that is how it is…one can use it to sterilize the soil that you use to grow seedlings, just warm the soil initially in the microwave before using it. Laura Pottorff, horticulturist at Colorado State University advices to fill plastic utensils with soil. And you need to heat one kilogram of soil for 90 seconds to sterilize.

2) You save your stamp:

Do you wish not to waste your envelope stamp then all you need to do is to put a drop of water on the envelope stamp and then microwave it for at least 10 to15 seconds. Doing so can make you remove the stamp from the envelope without damage.

3) Disinfects sponges:

Did you ever know that heating a sponge in microwave can eradicate 99.9% of household germs such as salmonella and E. coli from it? Soak the sponges in water and heat them for a minute before taking them off from the microwave.

4) Saves the stale bread:

Is your two days preserved bagel getting harder to chew up? Then drape it in a wet paper towel and place it in microwave and heat for nearly 20 seconds. The humidity from the paper towel will get soaked up into the bagel making it easy to eat.

5) Removes clumps in brown sugar:

The same paper towel method will even work when the brown sugar is stuck together. Make the paper towel wet, roll it, and place it in the box along with the sugar. Wrap up everything and heat it in microwave for not more than 25 seconds. The moisture present in the towel gets transferred into the brown sugar.

6) Bakes a cake in lesser time:

Are you not familiar with baking? Nothing to worry your microwave can be your cake baker. Using it one can easily make a single-serve cake within 5 minutes.

7) Peels garlic skin without much pain:

To peel the garlic skin is a hefty task and demands more time and loads of patience. Just place the garlic in microwave for 15 seconds and peeling will be easier for you.

8) Heat the citrus:

Before making juice from lemon or orange, zap the unpeeled fruit for minimum 10 to 15 seconds. Heating up citrus fruits will allow you to make juice easier and will also give you more juice quantity.

Even roasting nuts will be easier using microwave, just give a try and save your time.

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