8 interesting places to travel without fail

Are you a travel enthusiast then here are the places that you should not miss out. These places with magical effect have breathtaking offerings for you. Have a look at these amazing places to travel in the world…..

1) Skaftafell Ice Caves in Iceland:

The caves are present on floating icebergs and have nearly seven meters high entrances. What consists inside is just magical. The icebergs absorb all the visible light with the exception of the blue color, thereby making the caves look blue to the eye. The daylight that enters from two sides gives all the magical effect.

2) Tianzi Mountains in China:

You will be surprised to know the heights of some of these mountains as few of them reach more than 4,000 feet above the sea level. Just think of the vision from the top of these mountains.

3) Enchanted Well in Brazil:

This well is at Chapada Diamantina present in Bahia, in the country of Brazil. The well’s view is so crystal clear that you just cannot guess where actually the water begins. Many of the adrenaline fanatics give a visit to this place to swim in clear waters and have a look at the secrets hidden in its underneath. As per travel explorers, the well has forty varied species of vanished animals in it.

4) Red Beach in China:

This beach located in Panjin in China is entirely different to many beaches you have seen and many surprises that will leave you thrilled and surprised. The beach has green seaweed spread all over and finding sand is a bit difficult here. In the autumn all the greenery turns into red making the name apt for this place.

5) Sea Of Stars in Maldives:

Located in Vaadhoo Island, this sea water has minute organisms called as phytoplankton, which emit glowing blue radiance when an exterior force is applied to them. The splashing tides and your foot in these waters can make these organisms emit blue light that resembles stars, thereby giving you a different feel.

6) The Swing At ‘End Of The World’ in Ecuador:

Between the huge areas of greenery on the top of the mountain is placed a little tree house in Baños that had been built many years ago to observe and watch a volcano located nearby.

7) Fly Geyser in Nevada:

This strange looking formation was organically formed when a well top was left uncapped. Geothermal energy with passing time did its miracles and tricks in the well that raised colored algae and minerals, which finally gave the present unbelievable form.

8) Whitehaven Beach in Australia

This beach placed on Whitsunday Island is an amalgamation of blue-emerald waters and white sand that gives entirely different look. The sand granules are so light and fine that they wipe out all the borders between the sea and the land. This is one of the God’s arts!

These are just dissimilar to what you see in your tours and are really amazing and distinct in their own way.

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