8 fruits to eat for glowing skin

We all know the food we take has high role to play in the way our skin looks. Following skin friendly diet is the best natural way to have fresh skin all through your life. One of the best diets for healthy skin is to eat fruits. Here is the list of fruits that are highly helpful in giving healthy skin. Just eat them as much as possible for young looking and fresh looking skin. Here we go with these fruits…

1) Tomato: This is the best fruit for anti-aging the skin; it has all the essentials needed to reverse the aging process of the skin. It has vitamins such as K, C and A. These vitamins are just as essential as water to keep the skin looking ageless. It even works as de-tanning and whitening agent of the skin.

2) Banana: We all know the value of banana as far as minerals and vitamins are concerned. It is rich in vitamin B6 and C. It also has manganese and potassium. All the stated things are highly useful in protecting the elastic nature of the skin. The antioxidants present in banana are also highly useful in stopping premature aging. It is even a natural moisturizer the nature has given us. This can be used in many homemade scrubs and other kinds of face packs.

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3) Apple: We all know the value of the apple amongst the fruits. The antioxidants in it help in warding off the dark under eye circles naturally. It is rich in vitamin C that is highly useful in keeping the suppleness and rigidness of the skin. After all, a tight skin is what you need to look ageless and young. It is also good for hair.

4) Papaya: We all know papaya’s role in digestion and digestion in good condition is pre-vital for healthy skin as improper digestion can show itself on the skin. Eat more papayas and stay fit and sexy. It has vitamin C and B and also keratin. It gives the skin much needed moist and also acts as anti aging agent. It is highly useful for keeping the skin soft.

5) Grapes: These have high amounts of phytonutrients and phytochemicals. These two work as antioxidants and keep the skin anti aging.

6) Avocado: It is high in vitamin E and vitamin A, which are effective to keep the skin glowing naturally.

7) Strawberries: These are high in manganese and vitamin C. They will keep the skin fresh and dirt free naturally. These also work as scrubs on feet. They are also handy in healthy hair.

8) Orange: They have all the vital things you need for healthy skin including antioxidants, flavonoids, and keratin. Eating this pro-skin fruit is always good for skin.

Follow the fruit diet for glowing skin and keep the skin healthy and glowing.

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