8 drinks those are bad on health and body

Not all drinks are good to health. From energy drinks and cocktails, to soda and smoothies, find out all the drinks that are bad on health and body.

1) Juice Drinks:

Any drink labeled as “juice cocktail” and “juice drink” are almost all the time an expression for sugar water with different colors. If your search is for a good health and healthy drink, look up for cent percent juice, such as cranberry juice, aloe vera juice or orange juice but nothing else.

2) Creamed Coffee Drinks:

A bulky ice-cold cup of Joe made of 2 percent-milk can easily have nearly 800 calories. It even has 1/3rd of the saturated fats that can lead to artery clogging. So whatever the coffee is, when it is creamed with milk or some other tasty ingredient it is bad on health.

3) Flavored Water:

Infused and flavored waters can give a little bit of extra vitamins, but unfortunately they are most of the time loaded with extra sugars. So the next time you set out to purchase a water bottle, look for the label: In case you notice anything other than natural flavors and water, avoid it and move on.

4) Diet Soda:

This drink is absolutely free from calories, but on the same grounds it is even free from nutrition. In addition if you are gulping diet coke all through the day, chances are high that you are not giving the body with healthy drinks needed by it, more importantly tea and water. Taking one or two diet sodas in a day goes well but the problem arises when you take five to six cans, this may lead to heavy health damages.

5) Icy Mixed Drinks:

As far as cocktails are concerned the mixers in them are the core calorie culprits. Verdict: As per the USDA, a small 6-ounce of pina colada can trigger a gigantic 880 calories in the body, which is 8 times higher the amount of calories given by a rum shot.

6) Sports Drinks:

Finishing the workout by gulping any kind of sport drink might cause hurdles to your goal of losing weight. Several sports drinks present in the market have a combination of artificial and natural sweeteners, in addition to huge list of unpronounceable additives. In case you wish to replenish electrolytes switch over to nil calorie drinks.

7) Hard Liquor:

Consumption of alcohol moderately, i.e. restricting to maximum two drinks per day has proven to increase HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), improve blood flow, and perk up sugar metabolism. However when you invite for a third drink, you are also simultaneously inviting obesity and host of other health problems. According to one of the study conducted in 2011 in USA drinking 2 or more drinks per day can lead to cancer deaths.

8) Energy Drinks:

Many people think of energy drinks as one way to get instant energy but unfortunately they are ignoring the fact that they have high caffeine and sugar contents. So it is better you avoid them and substitute with natural drinks.

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