8 cosmetics not to use on face

It’s not only enough if you know what are the things to put on face for beauty but you should also know the list of things that should not be put on face. Here is the list of items that should not be applied on face.

1) Hair spray:

Many of them believe that hair spray helps in aiding the makeup, whatever the fact is, it should just not be applied on the face as it has alcohol and lacquers that can easily dry out the skin. These two substances dehydrate the skin and give older looks. In addition to these two, hair spray also has repellents that can lead to skin irritation, thereby making the skin bumpy and red.

2) Deodorant:

The logic of deodorant to fight body odor and perspiration of the skin does not mean the same on face. Many of the people are under the impression that deodorants will help in obstructing the melting of makeup foundation on face which actually is just a myth. Applying it on face can easily lead to skin irritations.

3) Hair color:

In case you color the hair frequently and wish to have matching brows, make use of a vegetable-filled dye or colored eye brow mascara on the arches in place of the at-home hair colors as the chemicals and formulations are little hard on skin. Box dye too can be irritating on the skin near the eye area, which can lead to burning sensation of the eyes.

4) Vegetable shortening:

Although few people apply vegetable shortening to the bodies to aid in treating Psoriasis, it is fairly heavy for the face and can even clog the pores, paving way to breakouts.

5) Body lotion:

These are definitely wonders for other skin parts but definitely not on the skin of face. These are actually a bit thicker and also have fragrances that can lead to irritation of skin on face. Something that is always lesser in thickness than a body lotion should be used on facial skin.

6) Shampoo:

The cleansing agents present in shampoos are earmarked only to clean the dirt, oil and greases accumulated in hair. They work wonders as hair cleansers but not on face skin. The same cleansing agents present in shampoo can cause harm on skin of the face. They make the face dry and flaky.

7) Hair serum:

Mere presence of the syllable “serum” on bottle does not convey the same as skin serum. The hair serum is entirely different to the serum used on skin. The hair serum is something that the skin can’t manage. The fragrances especially can be horrible to skin and also irritate the skin on face.

8) Foot creams:

Foot creams are definitely a big NO on face skin. As the formulations in it are designed to clear off calluses on the feet and mostly have chemical exfoliants in high percentages that can easily cause damage to skin on face.

Nail polish is also one thing that should never find its place on the skin of face. So these are the makeup mistakes to avoid.

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