8 American hand gestures that are offensive in other countries

Few kinds of gestures and signs that are common in America might mean something entirely different and can also be offensive gestures in other countries. Here are those hand gestures that one should not use abroad.

1) Peace symbol with Palm Facing internal:

Trying to wish somebody peace or ordering 2 beers in the bar in Ireland, the United Kingdom, New Zealand or Australia? Be sure that the palm is put outwards when the middle and index fingers are pointed in “V” shape or else you will be inviting trouble.

This hand gesture should be avoided in UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland.

2) Thumbs-Up:

These signals are approved in America and also on Facebook, but not in Afghanistan, Greece, some places of Italy, and Iran. Thumbs-Up signal in these lands mean ‘up yours.’ So when you try to visit these places sometime around think twice prior to sticking the thumb.

3) The OK:

Making a circle or round shape with the thumb and your index is just not ‘’OK’’ in few nations. For example the OK symbol in France means “worthless” or “zero.” In Venezuela, Brazil and Turkey it is equivalent to vulgar slang, which will bring good amount of offence from the one you have flashed it at.

4) Finger Summoning:

Wish to call someone closer to you? Beyond doubt don’t make use of your rounded index finger in Philippines to call someone. In Philippines calling someone using rounded fingers is earmarked to call dogs and so it definitely sends wrong signals. And in Japan and Singapore this motion implies death. Going by this you actually are summoning death to yourself using this signal.

5) Left Hand:

Forgive us southpaws. By all means you need to be ambidextrous or simply accept the truth that you will most likely spill the food all over while consuming with the right hand. In India, the Middle East, Africa and Sri Lanka according to traditions left hand is deemed unclean, as it is used to clean oneself post using bathroom.

6) Fingers Crossed:

Making a cross using the middle and index fingers will definitely not come to your saving in Vietnam. In Vietnam crossed fingers depict one of the parts of the feminine anatomy and are considered seriously rude when it is flashed at any other person.

7) Arm Wave:

Never call over a cab or use hand waving at someone to call them near you by keeping the palm facing up. This can bring troubles to you when used in South Korea. Arm wave is usually used to call dogs by the Koreans summon. The correct process to wave in Korea is by moving the hand upwards and down upright with the palm facing towards down.

8) Pat on Head:

Thailand people consider head as the main sacred part in the human body. As per Buddhist faith head is the place where the Holy Spirit resides. So, touching head or hair of someone is a sure faux pas. Avoid touching head in Thailand.

I general these are the American body language gestures that are a big NO in these countries.

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