8 alternative sciatic pain treatment options

Nearly 40 percent of the people suffer from sciatic pain once in life time. Though you have many conventional treatments to cure it, it is better to go the natural way. Here are few natural means to treat sciatic pain.

1) Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is a good alternative sciatic nerve treatment to cure sciatic pain and it involves piercing of needles at few points of the body. Acupuncture increases the proper functioning of the nerves and also enhances the energy flow. One can feel relieved right from the first treatment as the needles pierced at specific points relieve the stress. Within few sessions many of the people have said that they have been relieved from pain. As of now, acupuncture is gaining reputation as the best alternative to cure sciatic pain; it even cures many kinds of pain starting from migraines to menopause cramps.

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2) Chiropractic Adjustments:

Though the studies have given different versions on the efficacy of chiropractic adjustments to treat sciatica, the versions of many patients who have went for it is in favor of it and have said that they have benefitted from this treatment.  Manipulation of the spine will reduce inflammation, restore mobility, decrease pain, encourage natural healing and improves functions of sciatic nerve.

3) Ice Packs:

Using ice packs directly on affected area will drastically bring down the pain. Taking frozen peas in a cloth and rubbing them on the affected area is one way to get quick relief. Do this for 20 minutes with a gap of two hours till the pain goes away completely.

4) Alternate Temperatures:

Though ice packs have a proven track of giving instant relief, they cannot be penetrated deep into the parts where actually the inflammation is present as the sciatic nerve is present in deeper body.

So applying hot pack following an ice pack is even better or even hot water shower is also an easy and effective treatment. The alternation of the temperatures will increase the lymph flow and circulation. This will lower the inflammation present in the deeper parts and help in curing soon. To get increased relief add Epsom salts, essential oils, or some herbs that have anti-inflammatory nature.

5) Mild Stretches:

Mild yoga stretches while suffering from sciatica comes very handy. As per many people slight back stretches or mild yoga stretches can help in healing the pain effectively. Exercises will motivate the flow of blood; strengthen the back muscles apart from improving the mobility.

6) Massage:

A trigger point therapy or deep massages are also highly effective as alternatives to treat muscle pains, spasms, and numbness linked to toes and legs. Essential oils and oils infused with herbs will give good results.

7) Sleep:

Getting enough sleep will make the body and nerves to relax and balance the hormones; this in turn will help in treating sciatic pain effectively. Proper sleep will help in strengthening of the sciatic nerve.

8) Oils and herbs:

Nature has many oils and herbs that are highly effective in treating sciatic nerves. But be sure that you use them in correct quantities for effective results.

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