7 unwanted beauty products in your makeup kit

Women as we all know are more beauty conscious and have the tendency to buy beauty products irrespective of their usage. Buying unwanted beauty products is not only burden to purse but can also cause damage to beauty when put into use. Many of these beauty products are actually not needed unless they have special purpose or your beauty kit needs them specifically. Here let us see those beauty products to avoid.

1) Primer:

Primer is one beauty product women always go for though they need it or not. One needs primer to keep the makeup on for the whole day and its use comes to save the makeup not to melt off. In case your body type has the nature of sticking on with makeup for longer time then you actually don’t need this beauty product in your kit. It will be enough if you can do touch ups to makeup every now and then.

2) Eye cream:

Having puffy eyes every day soon after waking up has become common for many due to varied reasons and to think of topical cream as the best solution has also become common for many of us. But actually topical cream alone is not only the solution for puffy eyes, one can as well substitute it with regularly used cold compress, or for that matter even potato slices or clean and cold cucumber can also be used to lower inflammation around the eyes every morning, so this says that actually eye cream is one beauty product that can easily be done away with.

3) Eyeliner:

Eyeliner is also one typical beauty product that can be done away with by using mascara. One need not always use eyeliner except for few occasions. In fact using mascara is double advantage as it gives coldness to eyes apart from saving the purse.

4) Toner:

According to beauticians using a moisturizer that has SPF and a cleanser is equal to using a toner, as moisturizer and cleanser when used together work as toner, so avoiding toner is the best way to cut off unwanted beauty products from the makeup kit. And also many of the toners have alcohol content in high levels leading to stripped and dry skin.

5) Leave-In conditioners:

Most of the time we actually don’t need leave-in conditioners and these can be substituted by applying one or two dab of the regularly used conditioner after hair wash. Or, one can try DIY conditioning treatment every time you shower for better results. Doing so will leave behind clean and shinny hair.

6) Eyelash curler:

As the mascara starts drying, position the finger at the bottom of the lashes and start pushing them upwards towards the eyebrow for few seconds. Doing so will give the same effect as curler will give to the eyelashes.

7) Full coverage foundation:

Using a tinted moisturizer or concealer in place of foundation will do the trick for you. In addition it will also save you from buying costly application brushes or foundation creams.

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