7 travel gadgets for hassle free travel

Travelers always search for tricks, tips, gadgets and ideas to make travelling easier and enjoyable. Keeping your wish in mind we are giving few gadgets that make your travelling more memorable. So the next time when you are ready to travel carry them…here we go with essential gadgets for travelers….

1) Sleep Phones:

Do your headphones leave back aches and uncomfortable feeling in the ears? Then give a try to Sleep Phones. These sleep phones are embedded with ear buds in a comfortable wool headband and play comforting sounds that assist you in falling asleep quickly. Nicknamed as “pajamas for the ears,” they may come handy on your next flight journey or road trip. The cost starts at $39.95.

2) Wi-Fi enabled T-shirt:

These days t-shirts can be fitted with anything and one thing that is fitted in them for comfort is a ‘’Wi-Fi detector.’’ When Wi-Fi t-shirt comes across a signal of 802.11g or 802.11b it begins to glow thereby notifying you of good signal strength.

3) Flik Flops:

Flik Flops with illumination are cool for kids. They are two advantages:

  1. Wearing them to airport is eye-catching and simple way to pass through the security check.
  2. They are illuminated and so kids can be safe and can be identified easily during night.

4) Nap Anywhere:

Nothing worse can be rather than sleeping on an airplane only to find having a crick on the neck the next moment you wake up. Consider buying NapAnywhere and spend less money on physician visits. This funny looking moveable pillow has been invented by a doctor who says it will aid the head while letting the neck muscles to relax. We are not sure of this claim and haven’t tested but still it looks like a comfy travel thing.

5) Pillowig:

Next in line travel friendly gadget is Pillowig and suits perfectly for a local narcoleptic or a drowsy commuter. The Pillowig has the size and length like that of a full-sized pillow and it connects to the head through a sewed up headpiece. Joo Youn Paek has designed this amazing contraption as part of a school project that was held in 2004. Of course these are not put for sale but anyone can easily make one by making use of this concept.

6) Cap-Sac:

If there is one thing that can enhance the quality and usage value of a conventional ball cap is a ‘’pocket.’’ The Cap-Sac comes only in one size and a pocket is present in the front part of the cap. Just unzip the pocket on Cap-Sac and stuff it with your buss pass, cash or for that matter your darling lip gloss and move ahead in style. Cap-sac can be found in twenty colors thereby giving you more options to choose from.

7) Hand Crank Emergency Cell Phone Charger:

All of us would have faced this situation once at least: Your phone indicates low battery and you don’t find a power socket nearby. What do you do?  Simple charge it with emergency hand crank charger. 1 minute hand cranking can induce four minutes of battery power to your phone.

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