7 tips to behave with kids if you wish proper child growth

The way you behave will say how your child will grow in the future. Remember one simple thing, as a parent you are your child’s first teacher. How you behave will directly reflect on your child’s behavior. The better you behave the better is the behavior of your child. Here are few parenting tips on how to behave with your child…follow them and make your child a good citizen.

1) One of the best ways to be a good role model for your child is to behave properly. Don’t behave as if you are the lone one who is staying in this world. Be poised, be calm and be a responsible parent. This will not only make your child develop self-sustainable qualities but will also raise your respect in your child’s eyes.

2) Don’t keep fighting and tossing things on your spouse. This will easily make the child imitate when his/her turn comes to express anger. In case you have some problems discuss it with your better half. Any rude behavior in front of the children will adversely affect the children behavior.

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3) Don’t be always busy and techie struck, have time for your children. Spending time with them is almost all equal to knowing them in detail. What use is to spend hours together on social sites, texting, making calls and surfing the web except to waste time when there is really nothing important? Not only are you wasting your time by spending on gadgets but you are also directly seeking the attention of your child, which in the near future can turn him into tech addict. So, be aware of this and save your child from evil effects of social sites and technology addiction.

4) Be a cool parent. Don’t lose your temper when your child does some mistake. Play it safe and easy. In place of firing and shouting on the little one, explain them why it is wrong to do certain things. This will make him understand the direness of the situations. One more disadvantage you bring upon your child by being rude on their mistakes is you are affecting the confidence levels.

5) If you are a mom then as a good parent you should not spend hours before mirror checking and rechecking your makeup, outfits, and other stuff. Doing so can make your child worry about his/her appearance. This will automatically make them beauty conscious which may in turn lead to some other problems such as over-reactive to beauty or getting under confident.

6) Inculcate reading habits, this is the first thing anyone who wishes to be a good parent should do. Inculcating reading habits in children will make them grow into better citizens as they can control emotions.

7) Your eating and lifestyle should also be extremely good. In case you are at fault and have all the bluffs then you are setting wrong example for your child to lead.

Keep all these best parenting tips in mind and behave accordingly or else instead of building your child’s career and life you will be spoiling their life.

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