7 sports injuries that can also hit common people

Sports injuries are common for sports persons. This does not mean they affect only sports persons they can as well affect common people too. Here are few common sports injuries.

Tennis elbow and Golfer’s elbow:

These two above said injuries not only hit tennis players and golfers; they can as well be seen in common people. More importantly, weight lifters fall to these injuries. Even the works that require the hands to be placed in the same posture for longer durations can also lead to these injuries. Generally in golfer’s elbow the pain is sensed in the interior of the elbow while in case of tennis elbow it is quietly opposite way, i.e. the pain is sensed in the exterior of the elbow. In both the cases, the pain is the result of pressure on the tendons of the forearm muscles that attach to the bone of the elbow. So when you face any of the two, it is better to lessen the pressure on the tendons near the elbow.

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Ligament sprain and ligament tear: 

These two are generally called as ‘’SPRAIN.’’ Many people experience these. When the ligaments that hold the joints of ankle and knees undergoes pressure or a tear then a person experiences pain ranging from severe to normal based on the extent of the tear and pressure. This condition should not be left unattended as they will raise serious complications in the futures which include weak joints, rupture of muscles and bones, wear and tear of bones and muscles, arthritis and difficulties in walking and running. When you sense these two problems visit the doctor without fail.

Muscle tears:

The damage to muscles is known as a muscle tear. When the bones get rubbed against each other the muscles get damaged and as a result muscle tears take place. Normally while playing or when you suddenly lift something heavy, this kind of injury takes place. Sometimes one may even fall to this injury due to some kind of mishap while carrying on daily chores.

Frozen shoulder:

This is one kind of problem associated with shoulders. Frozen shoulder is a rare injury and when one is affected with this, the shoulder gets frozen due to pain and stiffness. This might come without any particular reason or due to accidents. When you face this, treatment should be started as soon as possible or else pain becomes intolerable.

Plantar fasciitis:

This is more common in women than men and it affects the area beneath the heels. Many reasons such as overweight, disorders in the foot and also sudden lifestyle changes lead to plantar fasciitis. Pain becomes intolerable with passage of time. Pain is even more during mornings.

All these are few of the sports injuries that can be treated and healed when you seek timely intervention of the doctor. The beginning stages are manageable, but this does not mean you can leave them as such. As said above they will become nightmares to life, so get them treated as soon as possible.

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