7 signs you have a thyroid problem

Thyroid is one gland that affects almost all the functions in the body. A person is said have a thyroid problem when the production of thyroid hormone is abnormal, it means either the production is less or high. According to reports, nearly 20 million citizens of USA have the thyroid problem in some form or the other. This problem can upset the normal functioning of the body. Unfortunately not many people are aware of the symptoms, thereby more and more people are falling prey to this disease. Let us know the indications of thyroid problems and take care accordingly. If you have any of the problems mentioned below it is better to get diagnosed.

1) Digestion problems: The first function that gets affected due to thyroid is digestion. If you notice any changes in your digestion then it is always better to confirm if it is due to thyroid or some other cause. The digestion problems associated with thyroid are decreased digestion, lack of hunger, and feeling of blot in the stomach. It can sometimes lead to constipation and diarrhea.

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2) Fatigue: The other common sign of thyroid manifests in lessened stamina. People having this problem can feel exhausted and tired even for lesser work. People experience fatigue even before midday.

3) Respiratory problems: Facing difficulty in respiration is also one sign. One easy way to know if it is due to thyroid or other problem, then eat foods such as cabbage, nuts and soy, as these foods decreases the function of the thyroid. In case you face respiratory problems due to consumption of these foods then it is better to get diagnosed.

4) Differences in weight: Any sudden change in weight such as increase or decrease in weight is the sign associated with thyroid. In case you notice an increase in weight then it indicates hypothyroidism and if there is a decrease in weight then it is a sign of hyperthyroidism. This happens because the thyroid gland affects the rate of metabolism and it differs with these two types of thyroid problem that can lead to anyone of the condition.

5) Loss of appetite: The one primary sign of thyroid onset is loss of appetite. Irrespective of the gain and loss of body weight, people feel no hunger and this leads to lessened eating.

6) Depression: The problem not only affects physical conditions but can also affect mental condition. One sign of mental disorder associated with thyroid is depression. People get stressed out and lack interest in anything for no reason.

7) Changes in heart rate: In case you notice changes in the rate of heartbeat without any untoward incidents then it is a sign of thyroid.

These, in general, are the symptoms of thyroid……in case you have anyone the symptoms, get it checked and confirmed, so that necessary precautions can be taken.

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