7 natural home remedies for oily skin

Oil is an essential element for supple and radiant skin but when it exceeds certain levels it can cause oily and greasy skin, which is definitely a big NO for skin. The increased secretion of oil on skin is the result of many causes such as pollution, nature of the skin and also the type of climate and when these many factors are on play how to prevent oily skin naturally? Skin is prone to secrete more oil in summer seasons according to beauticians. Here are few tips to naturally lessen the oiliness of skin, more importantly in summer season.

1) Keep washing the face as many times as possible, use special oil face washes made from natural ingredients. Using lukewarm water or cold water to cleanse the skin rather than hot water is one of the best natural cures for oily skin.

2) Add sandal wood or Fuller’s earth to water and make natural face packs to pack the face. Keep applying these packs once or twice every week for enhanced results. These packs apart from reducing the oiliness of the skin will also reduce dirt and acne. Sandalwood powder will make the skin smooth and flawless. Using rosewater in sandalwood or Fuller’s earth will also be very handy as rosewater is a natural astringent.

3) Take two teaspoons of oats and make powder by grinding well. See to that it is well powdered, if in doubt filter the powder using a net. Then add water to this powder and make thick paste, use this paste to massage slowly the skin and face using fingertips, do this for five to ten minutes and cleanse off cleanly using lukewarm water.

4) The oiliness of the skin gets increased during summers and it is best to use liquid wash that has alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA). AHA has citric, lactic and glycolic acids, which will remove dead skin and also obstruct the skin pores to secrete more oil. Using these kinds of washes will also save the skin from many kinds of skin diseases.

5) Take half slice of tomato and crush into paste by making use of mixer or hand. Add 7 drops of lemon juice into it and mix well. Use this paste on skin or face and allow it to stay for nearly 15 minutes and wash off with cold water cleanly. Repeating this process for two times a week can easily lessen the amount of oils produced by the skin.

6) Take egg white and add honey to it, mix it well. Add either sandalwood or wheat powder to make it into thick paste and apply it as face pack. But be careful not to apply this paste near the eye area, allow it to stay for ten minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water thoroughly.

7) Using lemon on skin is also one good way to fight oily nature of the skin. Cut lemon into round slices and rub them on face, take a short break of two minutes and repeat the process again and clean with normal water.

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