7 natural herbs to lower blood pressure

Lowering the blood pressure (BP) is important to ensure healthier life. An increased blood pressure can lead to array of health complications which include heart attacks, kidney failure, vision hazards, and lot more. So by seeing the list of health problems associated with high blood pressure you would have definitely pressurized your blood by now. Then how to lower blood pressure and keep the health. Here are few natural remedies that include taking of herbs to lower blood pressure. The following are the herbs to lower blood pressure naturally without using conventional medicines.

1) Garlic:

It is a regular and common edible found in food but quite a good number of people discard it while having food. If you are also the one then restrain from this act as soon as you can as eating it is one easy way to lower the blood pressure. The clinical studies conducted by Clinical Research Center located at New Orleans have revealed the presence of allicin in garlic, a material that can lower the onset of high blood pressure. Powdered garlic too works in like manner.

2) Onions:

These are high in antioxidants: quercetin and flavonols. A study found that populace who consumed onions frequently had reduced systolic and diastolic pressures. This connotes a situation where heart works less and so goes through less stress.

3) Cinnamon:

This herb has been mentioned lot many times but still its mentioning doesn’t end here as its health benefits are extremely innumerable. It is one herb that is highly helpful in lowering the blood pressure and also in combating the commencement of diabetes. A research done of late has said that people who consumed cinnamon infused water had low blood sugars in the body.

4) Oregano:

Leaves of this tiny plant have good carvacrol amounts that can notably lower arterial pressure, systolic and diastolic pressures and also the heart rates.

5) Olives:

Olives are also good in lowering blood pressure. The oil not only has tasting effect on food but even helps in controlling blood pressure. It is one thing commonly used in Mediterranean diet.

6) Basil:

It is one tasty herb that fits well in any kind of foods. It even assists in lowering the blood pressure. The extracts from this shrub has shown the tendency of lowering blood pressure. Place one small pot and grow basil plant in the kitchen garden, this will not only make your dishes tasty but will also make your bodies healthy.

7) Cardamom:

It originally belongs to India and is commonly used in many of the South Asian foods. As per recent study conducted taking cardamom regularly has assisted in reducing the blood pressures. Use this herb in addition to foods to get health benefits.

Having said all, now it’s your choice to include these herbs as many times as possible in your dishes for balancing blood pressure.

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