7 how to bring good luck and fortune to yourself

Everybody wishes to have some auspiciousness present in their houses. What if auspiciousness also brings luck? Here are few household items that will bring you good luck and charm along with them. Just place these things and see luck follow you in different ways and kinds.

Crystal Tortoise:

Do you wish to livelong and cross 100 years then crystal tortoise should be present for sure in your house. This not only brings longevity of life but will also help you with excellent career in the days to come. Preferably it is to be positioned in the eastern part of the house. Place this stunning looking item in your aquarium or at a place where water source is constant.

Gem Stone Tree:

These items are known to bring anything in plenitude. Different uncut raw crystals are put into use for different types of energies. Citrine tree to mass prosperity, jade tree to be healthy and here we go with rose quartz crystals to settle your love concerns and bring romance to life. They should be positioned in their relevant chi directions. Combining these will enthrall your homes with alacrity.

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Coin Tassels:

These have been in Chinese homes since ages. They are imprinted using metal, commonly brass, which is lively with vibrant energy. 8 coins in combination depict strong sign of never-ending prosperity. ‘8’ as per Chinese philosophy is a lucky number and these coins draw wealth.

Dragon Pair:

These imaginary creatures are awesomely mythical and are the most powerful amongst the Chinese gods of good luck. Dragon pair gives abundant vigor and self-confidence to anyone just by its existence. It depicts the legacy of the Imperial kin and Son of Heaven. The ideal place to keep it is in the east.

Education Tower:

Do you have career or education problems? The easy solution is in the kind of the education tower, a striking Tibetan-pagoda structured item. It is a highly effective way to invite luck. The 7 tiers represent 7 propitious Buddhist symbols and the 9th tier depicts the chore of completion. It should preferably be kept in the north or east.

Laughing Buddha Set:

Everyone in this world knows about this eye catching and great looking different kinds of laughing Buddha. Buddha connotes self-mastery, commitment for the welfare of people and progressive awareness. His protruding belly and wrinkled forehead are fascinating. The set has different kinds of Laughing Buddha structures that depict Love, Prosperity, Safety, Happiness, Home Spiritual and Long Life.

3 Wise Men:

Meet up Fuk Suk Lau – the 3 gods of health, prosperity and wealth. The 1st Chinese old man has a Fuk or staff that signifies healthy long life. The 2nd man carries a paper roll which signifies knowledge while the 3rd man carries a fruit bowl known for prosperity.

So keep these things that bring good luck in the house and also fortune to follow by itself while you can save yourself from all the problems you encounter in your daily life.

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