7 foods dangerous to dogs

Do you have dogs in your home? Then you should know what to feed them with? Here are few foods bad for dogs. Never feed them with the below listed foods as they can hamper their digestive system and at times these foods can even kill your loved dogs….

1) Chocolates:

We will always be tempted to feed our dog with chocolates when they stare at us while we are eating them. No matter however hard it stares, stay away from the temptation of feeding it with chocolates. Chocolates have caffeine and theobromine in them which are not digested by the dogs. These can cause vomits, stomach upsets, dehydration, muscle shivers, imbalances in body temperature heart beat disturbances and can also cause deaths in extreme cases.

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2) Milk:

Some dogs are similar to mankind as far as dairy products are concerned; they even have lactose intolerance as few people, which mean these kinds of dogs cannot digest the lactose content present in the milk. Though as puppies they can digest lactose well as they grow into dogs they cannot digest it due to lack of enzymes production. As a result motions, vomits and other digestion related problems creep in, though they are not harmful they can lead to bacterial infection which in time can become routes to diseases.

3) Garlic:

These are highly dangerous to dogs. They have elements that can be poisonous to them. Eating them weakens the dogs so much that they cannot even move. The urine color which should be in orange will turn into deep red color. This situation might sometimes become so dangerous that the dog has to go for blood transplantation if it has to live.

4) Onion: 

Onions decompose the red blood cells in the dogs and make them so weak that they cannot make a move. Even here sometimes blood transplantation is required to save such dogs that have consumed onions.

5) Grapes:

Both farm fresh and dried grapes are highly dangerous to dogs. They can just be called as poison to them as they damage the kidneys. Eating these will cause dehydration in dogs and lessened appetite. In some kind of dog breeds even kidney failures can be noticed within three to four day of consuming grapes.

6) Cheese:

Alike to milk even cheese is bad for dogs. The digestive system of the dogs lack enzymes that are needed to digest cheese. So feeding your dogs with it can lead to diarrhea, vomiting and gastric problems.

7) Bacon:

Meat is one kind of food that the dogs like so much but not all kinds of meat are good for dogs, this perfectly holds good to bacon. Bacon, high in fats can cause pancreatitis in them. Once they are infected with this disease the prostate gland can go defunct for life.

The above is the list of foods bad for dogs to eat, so be careful not to feed them with these foods.

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