7 effective ways to prevent holiday weight gain

It’s time to wind up the year and keep aside busy schedule and have some fun filled holidays. For many of us eating is also fun and holidaying. But it can be so only when you follow some tips not to fall prey to holiday weight gain. Here are the tips to tighten your mouth so that you don’t stuff it with unwanted foods that can cause obesity in you.

1) Eat with unusual hand:

To say it in simpler form, make use of left hand to eat if you are a right hand eater and right hand if you are a left hand eater. This simple tip can easily reduce the amount of food you take. Since you are making an unusual effort to eat with your non-similar hand you will definitely eat less due to uneasiness in using hand.

2) Distract the mouth using mint:

As per many studies peppermint has the ability to lower the appetite apart from affecting the way how one perceives flavors and tastes. Once give a thought how bizarre it would be to eat soon after brushing when you still have the flavor of toothpaste in your mouth. Eat a fresh mint, rinse the mouth using mouthwash or swipe gloss on the lips when you feel like eating, these acts will drift you from eating too much.

3) Skip the routine suspects:

When there are lot many tasty and yummy seasonal foods to munch on why to eat brownies, cookies and other stuff that are accessible throughout the year. Worthy foods consists pecan, pumpkin pies and eggnog. Avoid calories and stick something else that is healthy.

4) Be less on drinks:  

By drinking less and preferring to choose a small cocktail glass at holiday parties you are getting two benefits: you are not texting drunk, which generally many do and the other benefit is you are restricting the empty calories that are got by boozing. 1 wine serving (5 ounces) can easily have nearly 100 calories, so be careful on the number of glasses you gulp in.

5) Go bubbly:

Begin each day of your holiday celebration by drinking 2 bottles of water, drinking water on empty stomach will make the stomach fuller and so you are easily saved not to stuff unwanted food.

6) Love the veggies:

Keep yourself motivated to fill the stomach more with lean proteins and water-high veggies all through the day to keep the appetite in control before heading out to night parties. Veggies such as peppers, romaine lettuce, cauliflower, tomatoes, kale, and carrots are less in calories and rich in water level, along with having fiber and many other essential nutrients.

7) Dress to make an impression:

You heard it right don’t feel pressurized in dressing the sexy way. Wearing shape-fitting garments that flatter the body can motivate one not to go for less munching since you want to get that extra looks you will keep a watchful eye on drinks and foods.

Aren’t the above ways easy ways of avoiding holiday weight gain?

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