7 early morning activities that keep you active all through the day

What you do in the morning decides how you spend the rest of the day, the works you carry on soon after waking up will affect the rest of the cores you do in the later part of the day. There are certain things you should not do and certain things to do in the morning to stay active and fresh all thorough the day. Lets us see how to begin the day…..

1) Hitting the floor as soon as you wake up is a bad habit, once you wake up, sit on the bed for few minutes, close the eyes and take deep breaths. Doing so will calm the nerves and make them active. Don’t drink cold water as soon as you are awake; prefer to drink lukewarm water before stuffing anything into the stomach.

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2) Many of us are under the impression that drinking tea or coffee as soon as we wake up gives relaxation. But actually this is a myth, in fact drinking them will cause acid refluxes as they are acidic in nature. Instead drink water or lemon water and drink green tea followed by it.

3) Many of us have the habit of checking mails and making calls once we feel at ease after waking up, actually this is a bad habit as some mails and calls can disturb the mood, instead do some exercises for about 20 or 30 minutes. Soon after this read some motivating book for 20 minutes. These two acts will keep you mentally and physically fit.

4) Many of us are uneasy and have mood swings soon after waking up. If you are also one amongst the bunch, then it is high time you get back to basics and remain cool. Being moody can hit down your positive energy levels and as such you will be spoiling your whole day. The best way to be free from mood swings is to watch the nature, enjoy the cool breeze, or listen to good music, this will keep you calm and poised all day long.

5) Many of us have the habit of going for bed coffees and cigarettes as soon coming off the sacks, this is one habit to keep away. Instead brush leisurely and go for some fresh juices, doing so will keep the digestive system in track.

6) Do you know one simple tip to complete the day without hurry and in a peaceful manner is to make a day plan for the whole day, as soon as you get up, instead of panicking thinking of the chores to do, sit down and chart out a plan, this will in fact complete your half work.

7) As soon as getting up, one important thing to do with diet is to eat almonds soaked in water overnight. Give 20 minutes of gap and complete your breakfast along with a fresh juice to stay active and fit the whole day.

Implement these and see the miracles you get daily.

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