7 benefits of using a stylus

By now we would have seen some millions of smartphones, each having its own features, specifications and plus points to its credit. And still there is one specific feature that many of us wish to have in all the phones and it is ‘’S Pen.’’ It is even called as ‘’stylus’’ by many. But unfortunately these days only few phones come with it such as Samsung Galaxy Note. Whatever the stats are S Pen simply gives added advantage to smartphones. Here are the advantages of stylus pen.

1) Not all screens are big:

Of course a large screen means good viewing and lot more space to play games, but at the same time it even means uncomfortable hand postures while texting and typing or the panic of dropping the phone and even making lot many mistakes while scripting something and this is the point where we need S Pen, using it, one can hold the mobile easily in one hand and use the other to write using S Pen.

2) They can be used in type of climate:

One of the best things about S Pen is it can just be put to use without giving damn care to climate and condition. One can send texts without hassle even if the hands are soiled or wet. But never overlook to wipe the S Pen cleanly later.

3) A blessing in disguise for OCD suffers:

Do you shrink each time you have to touch a touch-screen present in public facilities such as ticket vending machines or ATM machines? Then make use of your S Pen from your mobile to operate them and be assured that the fingers are free of germs. Isn’t it a good idea?

4) Keep the screen safe:

By using S Pens you are not only going for germ free hands but are also keeping your mobile screen safe as they are specifically designed to keep the screens scratch free and dirt free. Using them is giving your screens more life and so you save on expending for replacing screens often.

5) Precision redefined:

S Pen comes with a unique S tip which makes selection of texts easier and you can almost all get accurate results. So there is no scope left behind to make errors or erasing too often.

6) Fits accurately for both large and tiny hands:

People having either extra big hands or too small hands very well know that it sometimes becomes tricky to use the touch-screens. Anyways the S Pen makes it easier for you to solve such issues.

7) Helps in creativity:

Smartphones having an S Pen aid and assist creative people. It easily helps them in doing their creative work. Think of seeing a stunning scene while you are on a road and you wish to redesign and add your creativity to it then S pen is your creative sword as it is easier to design using it rather than your fingers.

So going by all these, what did you understand finally? You should never ask what a stylus pen is used for as it is a boon in disguise.

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