6 tips to fix hair mistakes

Lot many things work on hair that can cause havoc and damage both to health and style of the hair. In fact hair is the only way to sport good looks. Knowingly or unknowingly many of us do lot many hair mistakes. Here let us see some of the commonly made hair mistakes that can cause damage to hair.

1) Using the incorrect hair ties:

Are you still making use of an elastic tie that has metal fasteners to hold and tie together the hair or a rubber band that you use in office to keep the hair up? Then you are definitely doing something bad to your hair. These kinds of hair fasteners will just rip the hair out when you try removing them from the hair. In place of them use a hair tie totally made with fabric. And always keep away from rubber tie band to pull the hair up as it is one of the hair mistakes to avoid. Rubber ties are one of the best enemies on hair.

2) Doing a similar ponytail each and every time:

According to hairstylists keeping the hair in the same spot of the head each day when you do a ponytail to hair can easily lead to surface rupture of the hair in that particular area. Over a period of time repeating the same hair spot will break the hair in that particular spot as the hair starts to become weaker, so avoid tying the hair in the same spot continuously to save the hair.

3) Pulling the hair back excessively tight:

Pulling the hair back too tightly can lead to breakage and fragileness of hair over a period of time as you are exerting too much tension on the hair, more importantly on the roots. In case you are having a fragile hairline, prefer for loose hair styles.

4) Avoid using heat protectant sprays to style the hair:

These kinds of products nurture the hair when used to style them. The put a blockade amid the plates of the scorching device while styling the hair. Some also have UV filters that help in shielding the hair from UV rays and sun damage. These filters give the hair dry and rough look.

5) Brushing the wet hair with a boar bristled brush:

One should always make use of a wide-toothed comb or a paddle brush when you try to detangle the hair soon after the shower. Prefer for those kinds of brushes and combs that have wide gap between the bristles. Making use of a lesser gaped bristle brush can yank the hair out as the bristles are too closely placed.

6) Never brushing the hair at all:

One need to brush the hair too often as it enhances the blood flow to the scalp which in turn leads to healthy follicle. The more the follicle is healthier the more thick and strong hair one gets.

Above are the hair mistakes to avoid. Also make use of natural conditioners and shampoos to nourish the hair regularly.

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