6 tips for nail care that you shouldn’t ignore

Healthy and beautiful nails give beautiful fingers. When you have healthy nails all you need to enhance the beauty of them is to just shape and paint them with your favorite color. Once the health of the nails is neglected then the beauty and health of the fingers even go away. And chances are that the nails might fall prey for many infections. Here are few natural nail care tips….

1) Be careful while filing and trimming:

Nails should be regularly trimmed and filed. Always cut the sides and edges of the long grown nails and give them a round shape at the tip and file them soft. To do this use a good clipper or manicure scissors. Filing and trimming will be easier soon after shower as the nails will be soft and easy to handle.

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2) Keep them dry and clean:

Nails are one part of the body that is easily prone to fungal and bacterial infections. So every care should be taken to keep them dry. Make use of gloves while you wash dishes or clean the floor, this will keep the nails dry. And also don’t soak hands too much in soap water as this will weaken the nails and lead to split and tares of them.

3) Nails need moisturizes:

Not only one needs to moisturize the body even the nails need to be moisturized. So the next time when you open a moisturizer bottle don’t forget nails. One should apply moisturizer below the nails and also to the edges near the starting of the nail. You can use hand cream for this.

4) Never bite the nails:

Many of us have the habit of biting nails just for time pass or when stressed out, this should be stopped at the earliest. Biting of nails can seriously hamper them as the nail bed is prone to splits. Even a small split that is caused due to biting can lead to fungal infection and with this comes the problems associated with nails. Not only this many of them even bite the cuticle along with nails, this can damage the healthy nails.

5) Don’t pluck them:

In case the nails come out or are broken accidentally due to some reason don’t pluck them forcibly by using your mouth or any other things that can worsen the situation. Doing so will damage the nail gums. Plucking can as well lead to bleeding. Use a nail cutter to cut the broken part of the nail and apply some antiseptic cream.

6) Nails are not tools:

Are you also the one who uses nails as openers to open lids and seals of bottles and other grocery items? If so stop immediately as this will cause split nails. So again you are exposing nails to fungal infections.

So these are few nail care tips at home to be followed for healthy nails.

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