6 qualities all top bosses have in common

There is a huge lot of difference between a successful boss and a mediocre boss. To be a successful boss, you should be a successful person first. Along with this, you need to have these qualities which make good boss.

Abandon Dead Wood:

There is always scope for errors and chances for change. The first quality of a top class boss is to find out what the changes would be in near future and where something is going wrong. All the masters who crown nameplate as successful bosses are well aware of the trends. They never make a moment lapse to catch the tide and discard the things that don’t work. Here the things that don’t work might be an employee or strategy. They are bosses because they need to take decisions and they make no error in making quick decisions.

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Allows logic of Ownership:

Good bosses are good humans in general and this is the reason they see humans in their teams and not employees. They give full freedom in work and allow the employees to take free decisions. They believe that responsibility comes with ownership and when this is given no matter however ordinary an employee is in his skills, he will emerge successfully. They know restrictions will only lead to negative results while a sense of freedom and accountability will breed success and positive results.

Sticks to His Words:

All the successful bosses will never move back from the word given. A word given is an action delivered to them. If they have promised something they will deliver it at any cost. Words here indicate promises made to employees or for that matter self-set goals. They know the value of keeping up promises and thus indirectly force their subordinates to keep up their words.


No boss is good unless he has delivering things as part of his good boss qualities. The end or for that matter the benchmark that separates successful and unsuccessful bosses is the ‘’delivery.’’ They know that being a master of words is never equal to being a master of work. For them, work is not a draft, it is an action in itself and this is the fuel for their success. They also very well know that when words don’t match results their value will hit low before their team. So by all means they will work towards achieving the final goal.

Cordial Relations:

Ask any successful person regarding their success the answer would be fair and good relations. As a boss, it is your duty to maintain an atmosphere where relations flourish. When you cannot do this you are half-dead as a boss.

Always available:

One more attribute of successful bosses is availability. They are always approachable. They have their doors open for their employees to meet and express their grievances if any. After all, which boss on earth can expect results from an employee who is under some kind of problem?

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