6 lip care tips for naturally pleasing lips

We always wish to have sexy and attractive lips. Lips are the ones that give totality and beauty to face. We use them to communicate and show our love. But how do we get sexy and beautiful lips…..here are the tips to get red, supple and beautiful lips.

1) Keep the lips healthy:

Everyone irrespective of gender doesn’t like to have withered looking, peeling, flaky lips, so inculcate steps that give healthy lips. Exfoliate lips to get rid of dead skin and also use a branded lip balm to lock the moisture. Any kind of body or face scrub can even be used on the lips to scrub them daily. One can also use scrubs specially formulated for lips. Also don’t forget to drink more water, dehydration will give dehydrated lips.

2) Give them a shape:

Outline the shape of the lips by making use of lip pencil; remember not to compromise on the quality of it. Use a lipstick that best matches the tone and color of the lips. Always prefer a lipstick that gives subtle effect to the lips. Sporting a deep shade? Boost the natural size and shape of the lips by running a lip pencil just exterior to the natural borders to get a fuller lip, however keep close within. Depiction of clown faces is not wanted. There are many lip pencils with different shades, so choose the one that best suits your taste and lip tone.

3) Plump the lips:

Though this is a temporary solution, the market has lot many varieties of accepted lip plumpers to give the pout an extra bit of volume. Chose the products that have hyaluronic acid to bind and attract moisture to lips. There are also plumpers that not only give added volume but also give glossier look, prefer such kinds.

4) Illusion the lips:

A way to give fullness to the appearance of lips is to pat highlighter on the lower lip. Prefer a pearly white (nil blue) or pale pink shade. Apply highlighter to bare lips or on the lipstick, just a pat in the middle of the lower lip, exactly where it begins to turn away will make the lips look full.

5) Add a little color:

No matter whether it is a naturally rosy pink, siren red or a peach, prefer a color that is minimum a couple of shades darker to your skin. No white, extremely light pastels or snowy shades, green, blue or black. Also make use of lip liners that exactly suit your lips or the lipstick you are using to get little extra effect to the color.

6) Never bite them:

The easy way to lose charm and grace of the lips is by biting. The more you bit the more they get worn out and give them pale look.

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