6 home remedies for red lips

Lips have untold importance and attraction to overall beauty and also to face. Good looking lips easily give beautiful looks and nullify any physical odds that are present. We can only get beautiful lips by following some care and precautions. To keep the health and beauty of the lips we need to follow some tips daily. Any deviance from this can lead to bad looking lips. In fact lip care should be part of your daily beauty regime. Having said all these probably you would have confused on how to have red lips? Don’t be we will make it easy for you.

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Dry and chopped lips are not only a taboo for beauty but also indicate recklessness towards health of them. One should take proper care of them by following good lip care tips. Good lip care tips do not mean using costly lip care products and making a hole to your pockets. Lip care can also be in taking few simple steps like brushing them to remove dead cells and so on. There are many natural ways to glorify and give them reddish looks by using simple home products. Use them regularly as they are easily available and are also body friendly. Here are few ways to get naturally red lips that give you beauty and attraction to them.

1) If you don’t have red lips and are worried day and night on this, just rub the lips with lemon juice every night before going to bed. This will do away the blackness of lips and leave behind shinning red lips. Even massaging with almond oil is also one easy way to get shinning and supple red lips.

2) One need not go for lipsticks to give the lips artificially red color, one can easily get red lips just by brushing the lips using tooth brush daily. Doing so will remove the dead skin cells from the lips and leave behind dazzlingly red colored lips over a period of time. Doing so will also make the lips soft and smooth.

3) You will be surprised to know that massaging the navel daily with ghee or castor oil will give rosy lips. But this is fact, do this process daily before you call it a day. Doing this is two way beneficial: it will give red and supple lips along with acting as a massage therapy for stomach.

4) Sun is one culprit that can easily cause damage to lips as the skin on lips is delicate. So take every care to apply petroleum jelly or sunscreen on the lips to save the lips from dangerous effects of the sun. If you stay in home you can use coco butter on them to give them red looks.

5) Even applying pomegranate seeds paste on lips by adding milk cream to it is also one easiest way to give red lips. The seeds give shine to lips, repeating this once or twice in a week is of no use; you should do it regularly to get rosy lips.

6) One more natural way is to keep the body hydrated the more the water you drink the more the skin will glow and the skin on lips turns red automatically.

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