6 educational learning sites to enhance knowledge

The progress of educational technology is in leaps and bounds with each passing day. Each passing day is bringing out new apps and technology applications to make reading easier. Here we go different types of educational applications to make your preparation easy. Few of the educational sites are…

1) Scitable:

Nature Education has created Scitable, an educational site. This online tool deals with learning and education related to science. There are abundant science articles and eBooks available for the visitors to browse through and learn many things regarding science related things. Visitors along with knowing much science related things can also ask questions and get them clarified from experts in science. Visitors can figure out online classrooms to share their contents and articles on science. This site is devoted to all the science addicts who are keen to learn or chase a career related to science.

2) Gcf Leanfree.org:

Goodwill Industries owns this free online education site and is located in North Carolina. The main motto is to build and develop technological, mathematical and literacy skills for the people across the globe. The site provides free classes and even comes with mobile apps, which the learners can make use of without worrying on their physical presence. As of now, the site provides 700 plus lessons, which are all free of cost. The site teaches many subjects starting from simple additions and subtractions to classes on Microsoft Office.

3) Saylor:

This online educational site was launched in 2008. Saylor provides nearly 200 online courses for free. These courses are primarily focused on the uppermost enrollment majors present in USA. This site even allows the learners to participate in forum discussions, track courses and print manuscripts.

4) University Of The People (UoPeople):

Shai Reshef has created this online educational site. It is a non-profit tuition free institution that provides business administration and computer science degree courses. UoPeople is a highly developed online institution that works in collaboration with Yale, Catalyst Initiative, Hewlett-Packard and New York University. The systems offer opportunities to pupil for research and also for further studies. It chiefly targets on third countries (developing countries) but still pupil form other countries to can apply.

5) Textbook Revolution:

This is one of the many online sites that facilitate netizenes to access many books freely. It has lot many textbooks for many different subjects and topics from which, each and every learner can profit. Though this site is not well known, it does its own share of good to help students.

6) University Of Reddit:

Anyone who is net savvy knows reddit well but do you know it even has a University, called as University Of Reddit. The online site provides visitors the chance to share knowledge and skills through class lectures and videos. At present the site provides learning resources in varied fields which also includes computer science, math, philosophy, science, and social studies.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunities these free educational sites are providing for free of cost and develop your skills.

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